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Ball Review

Dv8: Marauder Mutiny Hook 47.5 • Length 15.5 • Breakpoint Shape 16

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“For the Marauder Mutiny, we wanted to give DV8 bowlers an option which was stronger than the Misfits, but with just as much length,” says DV8’s Aaron Koch. “We designed the new Class 2L reactive cover and put it around the Marauder core to give bowlers extreme cleanliness through the front and midlane before the ball makes a strong flip on the backend of medium to light oil conditions.”

Core Design: The symmetric core has an RG of 2.52, with a .050 differential. We saw nearly 5.5 inches of track flare from stronger layouts during testing. The strong core, matched up with the ball’s conservative cover formula, can produce impressive back- end reactions. Coverstock: The 2L hybrid cover on

the Marauder Mutiny may sound conser- vative, but that’s a little deceiving. Earlier Marauder series covers were classified as class 4 or 5 in strength. The new 2 series saves it all for the backend. Colors

are neon orange solid with black pearl. The ball is sanded with a 500 grit, then Rough Buff and high- gloss polish are applied. Response time is quick, and oil traction very limited. The Ra is low at 1.5, with an effective surface grit of 5400. Test Results: The Marauder Mutiny came to play on our medi- um oil test patterns, and we could stay with it as the pattern went away. That’s a plus, as it lessens the need to “ball down” when pat- terns dry up. The motion potential of the Mutiny can be length and a smooth motion with lower pin layouts, or skid/flip with higher pins and/or MOtion hole layouts. We loved the MOtion hole layout, as it car- ried well from extreme inside angles after transition. When to Use: The Mutiny is not a matched core-to-cover ball. The above-aver- age strength core married to the below-av- erage strength cover will produce lots of backend — the reasoning being that easier and more length through the fronts and mid- lane allow the coverstock and track flare to do their thing in the back. Medium volumes of oil or less will be the favored cup of tea for the Marauder Mutiny. On heavier oil, try the Endless Nightmare.


Radical: Reax Pearl Hook 54 • Length 14.5 • Breakpoint Shape 16

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Manufacturer’s Intent: “Our intention here was to create a [pearl ball] that gives us the same look on medium to heavy oil that the Reax Solid gives on heavily oiled lanes,” says Radical Bowling Technologies developer Phil Cardinale. “We were able to tweak the cover with additives, thus allowing us to hold all the numbers and densities of the original Reax. This core/ cover combination created the perfect 1-2 punch in our Top Shelf line.” Core Design: The strong asymmetric Offset core shape used in the Reax solid (May 2013) also is used in this pearl. The RG is low at 2.49, the differential strong at .054 and the PSA moderate at .013. Testing showed nearly 6 inches of total track flare.

Coverstock: The reactive pearl for- mula is unnamed, but provides above-av- erage traction in oil and a quick response off friction areas. Colors are a fusion of black, red and yellow pearl. The factory finish is sanded with 500 and 4000 Sia Air pads. The Ra measures 5.5, with an effective surface grit of 4000. Test Results: The Reax Pearl is all about an aggressive breakpoint motion,

coupled with the ability to negotiate medium-heavy oil volumes. The aggressive asymmetric core will allow players to choose any motion shape they desire. Our 40x5.5x70 dual angle layout rolled easily and gave us some layoff downlane. This matched up great from the 12th board and out for most testers. The polar opposite, a 70x4x40 dual angle layout, matched up best when we ventured farther inside. The higher drill angle to VAL angle created more length and far more down-lane break- point angularity — a favored angle of attack for many. The Reax Pearl had no difficulty with moderate oil carrydown, as it main- tained excellent carry throughout transition. When to Use: Use when the Reax Solid either hooks too early or fails to create enough breakpoint entry angle as the lanes go through transition. Like many strong, dull, pearlized asymmetric balls, the Reax Pearl can work on heavier volumes if your ball speed isn’t excessive. In fact, our slow to medium ball speed testers really loved the look that the Reax Pearl created on our 42-ft. and longer Sport patterns. Plus, since this cover is a quick-response type, we found many uses when playing deeper inside angles of attack. Polishing the cover even created a skid/flip reaction for those desiring such.

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