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Delaware wins third Intercollegiate Team title by KRISTIN ZINSMEISTER

Te University of Delaware rallied to reclaim the title at the 2013 Intercollegiate Team Figure Skating Championships, held April 13‒14 at Dartmouth’s Tompson Arena in Hanover, N.H. Te Blue Hens, the 2011 champions, racked up 98 points to edge defending titlist Dartmouth College by five points. Boston University fin- ished third in the nine-team race with 84 points. Nearly 30 points behind after the first day,

Delaware staged a dramatic comeback. “Tis year was the most exciting win we’ve

had,” Delaware coach Joel McKeever said. “To be honest, I wasn’t sure if we could do it because we were so far behind. Te competition between the East Coast teams has always been fierce and we all push each other, but at the same time there is a sense of camaraderie. So, while I was happy for my team, it was really humbling.” Skating on home ice, Dartmouth College

enjoyed plenty of support. Te “Big Green” surpassed every team in the size of its cheering section as alumni, friends, family and even the deputy director of Dartmouth College Athletics showed their support. “Te Intercollegiate Championships this

year was such a great experience,” Dartmouth coach Jacki Smith said. “We are proud to be the runner-up and hosting the event made it even more meaningful, because of the support we were given by our Dartmouth family, the local community and friends.” Boston University, coached by Andrea Mohns-Brillaud, was in contention for the title

but lost points in the junior ladies championship and international dance events.

“I was thrilled with the team because we

knew going into the Intercollegiate Champion- ships that we were lacking skaters on our roster in these two events and that was going to impact our placement,” Mohns-Brillaud said. “However, our skaters stepped up to the plate and got their jobs done. We are already looking to next year to improve on our placement.” University of California, Berkeley, placed

fourth with 59 points despite having fewer mem- bers than the top teams. “Tese skaters are amazing,” said Danielle

Schraner, a former UC Berkeley competitor and informal coach for the team. “Tey were brought together for the love of the sport and the inabil- ity to give it up while attaining a top education. Tey work every day to spread the word that they are on that campus and there to stay.”


Texas traveler “bears” with UC Berkeley team Te University of California, Berkeley’s

skaters are known for their teamwork and live- ly school spirit. However, the skaters are not the only ones committed to the team. For the past three years, UC Berkeley’s volunteer coach, Dan- ielle Schraner, has traveled from Texas to the In- tercollegiate Championships to serve as its team coach for the event.

Schraner, who works as the South Texas

field marketing specialist for Red Bull North America, asks for time off for the event, which she says, they are happy to grant.

“I asked for time off the minute I found out the team was headed back to Intercollegiate Championships,” Schraner said. “Red Bull is super supportive of my involvement with the team.”

Schraner’s involvement with UC Berkeley’s team began while she was a student and was re- cruited by the team’s founder, Katie Specht, and served as a competitor as well as the team’s pres- ident. Although work keeps her busy these days, Schraner plans on continuing her involvement with the UC Berkeley skaters. “Tis was my third Intercollegiate Cham-

pionships where I traveled with the team as their coach, and I look forward to many more with them,” Schraner said. “And when I say ‘coach,’ I mean that I am more of a shoulder to lean on, as well as a team alumna, experienced student-ath- lete, a Cal Bear and forever a figure skater. I have been through it all with them and will always stay in touch with the team no matter where my life takes me.”

“Big Red” shows big recognition to senior skaters

Te rigors of college can sometimes make skating difficult to maintain, yet there is little recognition for skaters who skate all four years of school. Tis year, Boston University coach Andrea Mohns-Brillaud sought to fix this lack of recognition by creating a plaque acknowledging skaters for their commitment to the sport and their studies. “Tis year I began a perpetual plaque that

will recognize those graduating seniors and grad students who skate on the team for four or more continuous years. Skating and competing in college is difficult and oftentimes skaters have to choose to walk away from skating. Tere are those few that can stick it out and can manage

32 JUNE/JULY 2013

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