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Clubs take advantage of Destination Sochi’s membership recruitment and club programs


Every four years, the world unites in cele- bration of winter sports as the Olympic Winter Games bring fi gure skating into the limelight. T is year, fi gure skating clubs and skating pro- grams can ride the sport’s increased popularity to its maximum potential through U.S. Figure Skating’s Destination Sochi™ membership re- cruitment and club programs. “I see this as an opportunity to forge a team spirit atmosphere within our club skaters and our Learn to Skate Academy skaters, coach- es and families,” Shannon Young, competitive fi gure skating director at Sherwood, Oregon’s Sherwood Ice Arena, said. “I am hoping to help encourage camaraderie with our current skaters and promote our sport within our arena and our community with these planned events.” Developing opportunities include the exten-

sion of National Skating Month through Febru- ary, open houses, SkateFests in conjunction with Disson Skating shows and the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships, a “Go Team USA” video contest and Destination Sochi™ Club Team Competition. Clubs or programs can choose to host one event or host all of them, a strategy Young is creatively implementing with the Carousel Sherwood Figure Skating Club. “We’re planning to hold a Destination So-

chi™ kick-off event, fi rst,” Young said. “Our club and Basic Skills members will be walking in our community parade at the Sherwood Rob- in Hood Festival to create awareness of fi gure skating and the Olympics. We are working on a creative fl oat for the event as well. Our arena will also display information on the Destination Sochi™ Family Tree and $20.14 Programs to help support our Olympic skaters.”

Team leaders Doug Williams and John Millier with Team USA at the 2013 World Championships

Skaters and coaches at Sherwood, Oregon’s Sherwood Ice Arena display their support for Destination Sochi. “I will be putting together a video for the

Destination Sochi™ video contest featuring club members, coaches and skaters from our Learn to Skate Academy,” Young continued. “We will also be holding bring-a-friend skate nights and open house times where our fi gure skating club can pro- mote U.S. Figure Skating memberships.” Promotional materials such as posters, fl iers,

brochures and postcards, all with a customizable on-demand print feature, are available free of charge under the Special Events and Club Info tabs at Other resources in- clude a Club Toolkit that includes a handbook for hosting a Destination Sochi™ Team Competition, guidelines for hosting an open house, information for getting started in fi gure skating and a media kit to prepare clubs and programs for local media stories that will coincide with Olympic coverage. “In January, we will be celebrating Nation-

al Skating Month with an open house where we will be having cake and refreshments for the public, skating exhibitions, discounted skating, games and prizes,” Young said. “Finally, we will hold a Destination Sochi™ Club Team Competi- tion, Feb. 22, 2014, along with our annual Basic Skills competition. A fun and festive after-party will follow the competition to watch the Olym- pic coverage.”

Clubs and programs are encouraged to take

advantage of the resources available at and host as many events as they choose in order to promote fi gure skating, recruit new members and generate excite- ment among existing members throughout the Olympic season. Members are invited to share their experienc-

es, provide feedback, off er suggestions or direct any questions to Susi Wehrli-McLaughlin, senior director, membership at swherli@usfi gureskating org, or Brenda Glidewell, director, skating pro- grams at bglidewell@usfi “I fi nd it’s worth the time and eff ort to plan

and execute these events,” Young said. “T ey create memories and excitement for our skaters through our sport and can help grow our club memberships and programs for the future.”

HOW TO JOIN Become a part of the Olympic journey to-

day by joining a Destination Sochi™ program. Visit to learn about the many ways to get involved. Whether you choose to contribute fi nancially or want to become in- volved with Destination Sochi™ at your local club, off ers information, re- sources and tools to help you join the fun.

The Destination Sochi™ Family Tree

Program aims to support an important component of a skater’s journey to the Olympic Games: his or her family. In sup- porting their skaters day in and day out, families and support systems, too, have poured their hearts and souls into the Olympic dream. The Destination Sochi™ Family Tree Program will help ensure that family members get to share that dream with their athletes. Each leaf purchased on the Desti-

nation Sochi Family Tree represents a member of the Destination Sochi™ fam- ily who has joined with others to help

to send family members of the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Olympic Team to Sochi. All proceeds from the Destination So- chi™ Family Tree Program will directly pay for the costs associated with send- ing the families of our 2014 Olympians to the Games, allowing our Olympians and their loved ones to share the reali- zation of a dream and an unforgettable experience. Visit to

purchase your leaf on the Family Tree, leave a message for Team USA and learn more about how to get involved. Leaves start at just $10.


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