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GOVERNING COUNCIL ACTION ITEMS Due to the condensed meeting for-


330 – Number of people who attend- ed the Athletes Advisory Commit- tee dinner and gala

298 – Number of delegates 55 – Number of gallons of coff ee and tea consumed during breaks

OFFICIALS RECOGNIZED FOR SERVICE AT GC Hank Pivarnik, CSEE Director of Sports S ales

822 – Number of cookies eaten during breaks

66 – Number of attendees at the club education seminar

at Hilton Worldwide, delivered a welcome message to the attendees of the 2013 Governing Council.

50-year judges: Marilyn Aamodt, William Boeck, Joan Burns, Paula Naughton, Ronald Pfenning

50-year referee: Charles Foster

50-year national judges: Doris Heinold, Bette Todd

40-year judges: Dorothy Alt, Oldi Alt, Nancy Bizzano, Winifred Colt, Jessica Gaynor, John Gibbons, Margaret Klock, Paul Klock, Joyce Komperda, Judy Newton, Arlene Sibrell, Thom- as Sobell, Kennard Taylor, Richard Wayland

25-year judges: Dorothy Bragle, Todd Bromley, David Chrien, Deveny Deck, Martha Herlihy, Richard Kern, Dianne Maurer, Wendy Mlinar,

Anne Marie Murphy, Daniel Petri, Lynn Ryan, Judy Taber, Charlene Tagas, Jeff rey Wolf

25-year referees: Nancy Bizzano, Kim Cozean, Carolyn Haman, Shirley Kreppel, Perry Livingston, Thomas Sobell

75-year clubs: Broadmoor SC, Commonwealth FSC, Denver FSC, Red River Valley FSC, Rye FSC, Tulsa FSC

50-year clubs: Christmas Brook FSC, Euclid Blade & Edge FSC, Port Huron FSC, SC of Hart- ford, SC of Huntsville, South Bay FSC, Westminster FSC of Erie

25-year clubs: Bismarck FSC, Black River Falls FSC, Lakes SC, North Star FSC

Six of U.S. Figure Skating’s 50-year judges were honored at the Governing Council’s annual President’s Reception. (l-r) Ron Pfenning, Paula Naughton, Joan Burns, Bette Todd, Doris Heinold and William Boeck

mat, there were fewer rule changes than usual, but the following are the most sig- nifi cant. • Rules MR 2.04 and MR 7.01 were amended to better defi ne principal skat- ing headquarters of a club and the rights and limitations thereof. • Rule MR 5.11 was reworded to put all of the annual coach compliance re- quirements in the membership rules. The requirements themselves were not changed; however, the coach registra- tion fee was reduced from $40 to $30 per season to account for the fact that a printed rulebook will no longer be provided automatically to registered coaches. This is due to many of the elec- tronic options that are now available, in- cluding on the U.S. Figure Skating website (www.usfiguresk and through the U.S. Figure Skating Pub- lications App. • Rule MR 5.14, specifying a $75 late fee for renewing coaches who do not com- plete the coach compliance requirements by July 1 of each year, was added. This rule will go into eff ect June 30, 2014, which means no late fee will be assessed for non- compliant coaches this year; however, the coach compliance requirements must still be completed by all renewing coaches by July 1, 2013. • Rule 3060 was amended regarding what is required for skaters who represent other countries to compete in nonquali- fying competitions in the U.S. This brings our nonqualifying rules more in line with our qualifying rules. • A not-touching midline step sequence was added to the novice free dance re- quirements, rule 6222. There are now two step sequences required in the novice free dance, with the other required step sequence being a circular, diagonal or ser- pentine step sequence in hold. The novice free dance test rules, TR 54.03, were also amended to allow, but not require, a sec- ond step sequence which can be in hold or not-touching. • The novice pattern dances for the 2013–14 season were changed as fol- lows: The Starlight Waltz was replaced by the Viennese Waltz. The Argentine Tango remains the dance to be skated at both sectional and the U.S. Championships. The Kilian was drawn as the second dance for the sectional championships, and the Viennese Waltz was drawn as the second dance for the U.S. Championships. • The times for the novice, junior and se- nior solo free dance tests were changed to bring them in line with the Solo Dance Se- ries requirements. Novice is now 2:10 +/- 10 seconds. Junior is 2:30 +/- 10 seconds, and senior is 2:50 +/- 10 seconds. Also rule TR 61.02 was amended to specify that no fl ying entries are permitted on any dance spin in any solo free dance test. • Rule JR 4.08 was amended to allow U.S. Figure Skating judges who are also full- time college students to judge and coach concurrently. Such judges must apply to the chair of the Judges Committee and provide documentation that confi rms their full-time college student status.




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