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ment camps throughout the year that will focus on a certain cur- riculum to prepare us for our foreign opponents. We will also travel overseas during the year so we have the international experience before we step on the mat at the World Championships next year.

“Eating 7 apples on Sunday doesn’t do the trick! You must eat an apple each day to keep the doctor away!” • We will also put a large focus on tying our college programs into the National Program. The college coaches and national staff have set up a curriculum that makes the most sense. The National Staff will be working together with the college coaches to develop the skills that these athletes need to be successful on the international mat. We will use technology, coordination, and a lot of cooperation with each other to get the information back and forth during the year. • We will also start a Parents Involvement Group, a “booster club” if you will, so that we can utilize the strengths of our par- ents and get everyone involved in the program to create the energy and resources we need to move forward with our plans. • We will also change our volunteer structure. I feel our volun-

teer staff is hugely important to us being successful with the women’s program. But I do feel we need better guidance in how and where volunteers can help. I believe it is important to have better continuity within the staffs, so I would like our volunteer coaches, medical personnel, nutritionists, and sport psycholo- gists to commit to an age group for the next four years. This way we know the athletes, the athletes know us, and we know how to work together as a group of service providers for our athletes.

These age-group staffs will look like this: 1 National Staff per- son, 6-8 Volunteer Coaches, 2-3 Sports Medicine Personnel, 1- 2 Nutritionists, 1-2 Sport Psychologists, 3-4 highly involved par- ents. This is what I envision for each staff! • Lastly, it has been something that is missing the last four years, but is hugely important to our success. We need to get our former athletes back involved with the program. Our ath- letes need their knowledge and presence on the mat. We also need their excitement, energy, and passion for the sport. There is power in numbers! Do you know that difference between an artist and a coach? The difference is that if an artist makes a mistake he can throw his piece of work away. We as coaches and support staff cannot! We are shaping and molding lives. What we have at the

U.S. Women’s Coach Terry Steiner led the U.S. to a third- place finish at the World Championships in 2011 and 2012.

end of the day is a product of our work. We cannot discard our athletes!

The athletes and what we have taught them will be with us

forever. Make sure you take pride in what you do and under- stand the importance of what you do!

As the National Coach now for 10 years, I am greatly hon- ored to be leading this group. I feel very fortunate to be in this position and I am very excited about the changes ahead. We have GREAT athletes. We have GREAT support staff and coaches. Now we just need GREAT cooperation among each other so that we are effective and efficient in what we are doing. TOGETHER, we can do UNBELIEVABLE things! I encourage you all to get involved and let’s put this program on Top of the World!

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