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EDITOR'S LETTER ISSUE 13 OCT/NOV 2012 Editor Simon Griffiths

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Bruckner Chase, Joel Enoch, Tom Gallagher, Colin Hill, Elaine Howley, Rick Kiddle, Jonathan Knot, Steven Munatones, Simon Murie, Paul Newsome, Cassandra Paten, Andre Slade and Gerald Smith

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What we call the ‘open water season’ has just about wrapped up now for much of the Northern Hemisphere. That

means no more wetsuited racing for a while, but definitely not an end to swimming. Some will return to the pool and spend the winter working on their technique and building endurance. Others will continue to swim outside throughout the winter, exposing themselves to ever colder water – see Ask the Experts (p.64) for more on this. A few lucky ones, though, will escape to warmer parts (see Destination Focus on Greece (p.60) and New Zealand (p.58) for two warmer-climes options.) Meanwhile our readers in the Southern Hemisphere will just be starting their racing season. If you’ve got an event coming up shortly, take a look at Swim Plus (p.28). This issue where we review some of the things that can go wrong on the big day, how to reduce the risk of disasters and how to deal with inevitable set-backs. Open water swimming had two fantastic days in the sun in August, when thousands of supporters crammed into Hyde Park to view the marathon swim. Éva Risztov, winner of the women’s race, is our open water hero this issue (p.22). Meanwhile, Beijing 2008 bronze medallist Cassandra Paten followed the swimmers around in the commentators’ boat, and she shares her analysis of the race on p.18. Obviously we’re hoping the Olympics will bring more people into open water swimming, and there was definitely an increase in our website traffic over those two days. But as more people enter the water they may be puting themselves in danger. Fortunately many beaches around the world, particularly in Australia and the UK, are patrolled by surf lifeguards. You can learn more in our special feature on the topic on p.54.

Simon Griffiths, editor

OLYMPICS REVIEW ○ P18 Cassandra (Cassie) Paten was the 2008 Olympic Marathon Swimming bronze medallist. She also represented

Great Britain in Beijing in the 800m freestyle as well as open water. Since retiring from swimming in 2011, Paten took time out to travel the world before turning her atention to sports commentary and public speaking.


Bruckner Chase is an endurance waterman whose non-profit company Ocean Positive is commited to positively

impacting how we feel, think and act towards our oceans. Along with his wife, Michelle, they work to bring individuals and communities into the water through programmes such as Special Olympics International and the OC Swim Club.


Tom Gallagher is a freelance writer and journalist who has travelled extensively in the course of his career. Based

on the south coast. He writes for a number of local and national publications on the travel industry, and has just discovered the world of open water swimming. He also writes about the criminal justice system and restorative practices.


Andre Slade has been building OceanFit over the last three years, backed by over 15 years in the aquatic and

lifesaving industry, including experience in pool and ocean lifeguarding and surf education. He is also managing editor of the Australian Lifeguard Magazine. Andre's other interests include event commentary and athlete management.


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