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Ride Profile

Skyrush Soaring above Hersheypark

There’s a new style of rollercoaster soaring over the skyline of Hersheypark, the first of its kind in the world. It’s called Skyrush.

Manufactured by Intamin and supplied by IntaRide, it’s a mega-coaster with winged seating and it’s been thrilling guests at the Pennsylvania park since the Memorial Day weekend in late May.

Paul Ruben feels the rush S

kyrush is now the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in Hersheypark. Costing approximately $25 million to build, it is the most significant coaster investment in the park’s 105-year history. It features 3,600ft (1.1km) of twisting, turning steel track and stands 200ft (61m) tall. When operating with two trains, it provides a maximum capacity of 1,350 riders per hour.

BELOW: Hersheypark general manager Kevin M Stumpf

“Skyrush is the perfect complement to the other coasters in Hersheypark,” believes general manager Kevin M Stumpf. “The winged outer seats offer the rider the option to have an even more exhilarating ride. The new restraint system provides maximum rider safety while allowing riders to feel the sensation of flying.” The eight-row, 32-passenger train features one-of- a-kind inner/outer seating with two platform, floored seats flanked on each side by a floorless, winged outer seat. That’s two floored seats, two floorless seats. Take your pick. Designed for the bravest of riders, those floorless seats offer a staggering 270-

degree panoramic viewing perspective. “Skyrush allows you to choose your level of thrill by riding on either winged, floorless seat or an inside floored, platform seat,” Stumpf affirms. “The excitement begins as soon as you leave the station. Both the speed and the intensity of the ride continue through the entire 3,600ft track. Guest response has been tremendously positive.”

Comparing coasters So is Skyrush now the park’s signature attraction? “With 11 other coasters in the park, including classics like SooperDooperLooper, Comet, Great Bear, Wildcat and Storm Runner, it’s hard to say it our signature attraction,” Stumpf muses. “But from the guest’s reactions I can tell you it has become the favourite ride for many.” Located in the Comet Hollow section of the park, Skyrush delivers an aggressive 63-second ride. The train begins its climb up the lifthill at 26ft per second



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