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Case Study Racking & Shelving

Technology shelved

An integrated solution from Dynamic Storage Systems (DSS), incorporating pallet racking, steel shelving, cantilever racking and hazardous storage cabinets, ensures maximum space utilisation and effi cient order picking for Technology Supplies Limited.


echnology Supplies is a leading UK provider and installer of a comprehensive range of products and equipment to schools and

colleges, supplying everything from a box of screws to CNC plasma cutting machinery. To support a growing customer base, both in the UK and overseas, and a rapidly- expanding online business, Technology Supplies recently relocated its business to a site in Shrewsbury encompassing a 24,000 sq ft warehouse. An initial design layout for the warehouse was completed based on the company’s existing and anticipated future storage requirements, and DSS was one of several companies asked to submit propos- als for racking, shelving and cabinets.


The DSS solution was designed to ensure maximum utilisation of available space, rapid order picking and suffi cient ca- pacity to allow for future expansion. At the heart of the design is an installation of 4,500 linear metres of pallet racking. Providing space for 1,200 pallet positions at heights up to 8.4m, the racking offers a maximum load capacity of 1,000kg. Stacking and destacking of pallets is simpli- fi ed by an electric reach truck operating in narrow aisles between the racking. Spaces have also been incorporated into the pallet racking to accommodate large, unpalletised goods that are stored directly on the fl oor. Alongside the pallet racking is the small pick area which provides instant access to over 8,500 different stock items, ranging from pencils to large sheet materials and

metal goods. This area is supported by various storage methods including adjust- able cantilever racking, galvanised shelving and special cabinets for hazardous goods. The cantilever racking, which has been installed in 3m runs and boarded with 25mm chipboard, houses many different types of sheet material, such as card, paper, and plastic, plus long metal items includ- ing fl at and angle iron, rods and cylinders. Importantly, the cantilever racking features an ingenious locking system that simplifi es rapid height adjustment without the require- ment for screwed bolts and special tools. The galvanised shelving is used to store thousands of different stock items either direct- ly onto the shelving, in divided sections that retain and separate smaller goods, or within plastic bins and totes. All locations are identi- fi ed by bar-coded stickers that simplify order picking and ensure accurate stock control. DSS also specifi ed a series of lockable cabinets to store safely a range of potentially ‘hazardous’ products such as paints, adhe- sives and solvents. These cabinets feature mesh sides and backs to prevent the build up of fumes and perforated steel shelves to allow any spillages to drain into special drip trays within the base of each cabinet.


Located on a mezzanine level above the small pick area is extra storage space for goods, the majority of which are boxed, within additional galvanised shelving. This level also incorporates a pre-packing, kitting and light assembly facility and an area for product development. The section

is served by a 2,000kg capacity goods lift which is also accessible at its lower level within the main warehouse area. The Shrewsbury warehouse receives daily deliveries from any number of the company’s 275 different suppliers and despatches orders to more than 4,500 regular customers. In excess of 3,000 orders are picked each month with 3,800 par- cels and 50 pallets despatched monthly. “To meet the complex demands of our customers, our storage and order picking facilities have to be fi rst class,” says Ian Vaughan, Technology Supplies’ director of operations. “The main warehouse pallet racking supplied by DSS allows us to pick from both sides and ensures that we have dense storage up to heights of over 8m. DSS also supplied high quality cantilever racking, shelving and cabinets to meet the specifi cation and the entire installation has proved to be an excellent investment.”  Storage Handling Distribution August 2012 51

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