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2012-13 Metalcaster ProsPectus

Metal Technologies, Inc (MTI) produces high quality gray and duc-

Metals Gray Iron Damped Iron Ductile Iron

Austempered Ductile Iron

Processes Disamatic Molding

Three Rivers Gray Iron Location: Three Rivers, Michigan Employees: 135 Hourly, 25 Salary Capacity: 96,000 Tons

Quality: TS-16949 Certified

Material: Gray Iron Classes G-2500, G-3000, G-3500, G4000 Molding: 3 2013-A Mark V Disamatic Molding Machines;

1 230-A Disamatic Molding Machine

Auburn Casting Center Location: Auburn, Indiana

Employees: 211 Hourly, 33 Salary Capacity: 110,000 tons – 65,000

Gray Iron and 45,000 Ductile Iron Quality: TS-16949 Certified

Material: Gray Iron Classes G-2500, G-3000, G-3500 Iron Capacity.

Ductile Iron Grades 80-55-06 and 100-70-03

Molding: 2-2013 B Mark V, 2-230X

Ravenna Ductile Iron Location: Ravenna, Michigan

Employees: 200 Hourly, 33 Salary Capacity: 52,000 Tons

Quality: TS-16949 Certified Material: All standard grades of

Ductile including 100-70-03, 80- 55-06, 65-45-12, and Automated

Processing Cells, including Trim, CNC Grinding, & X-ray

Molding: 1 2013-B Mark V

Disamatic molding machine, and 1 230-B Disamatic molding machine

tile iron castings, and machined components for a variety of industries, both domestic and international. Our current product portfolio is a good balance of automotive, heavy truck, small engine, appliance, trailer axle, compres- sors, construction, and other industrial cast- ings. Our manufacturing facilities are located in the heart of the mid-west, providing an optimum logistical solution for our customer’s medium to high volume casting requirements. MTI’s product engineering center in Auburn, Indiana (corporate headquarters) is evidence of the company’s commitment to innovative customer solutions. Our ability to provide strong engineering support to our customers is one of the reasons for our success. MTI’s engineering staff provides customer part-design assistance, which allows us to design and develop related tooling, conduct and manage the building of tooling and related projects, and troubleshoot manufacturing issues with customers and manu- facturing personnel. Metal Technologies has recently announced the expansion of capacity and capabilities at our Auburn, Indiana foundry. This expansion will allow MTI to meet the increasing requirements

and capacity needs of the markets we serve. The expansion will increase the Auburn plants overall capacity by 40,000 tons. MTI has ordered the first of two new Disamatic Moldings machines sold in North America in the past five (5) years for this expansion project. MTI will replace the current B-size machines at Auburn with the new 231X Fast models. These new Disamatic molding ma- chines will allow for additional capacity per mold and higher mold per hour rates. Along with the new Disamatic molding machines, MTI will be adding increased sand capacity and a new Electric Melt plant with the capacity of 135 tons per day. This new melt plant will allow MTI to produce specific material grades tailored to each customer’s requirements. The foundry will have the capability to melt and pour multiple grades of iron, increasing the flexibility our customers have come to expect from Metal Technologies. Investing in the future is one of the keys to

Metal Technologies success. We look forward to exceeding our customer’s expectations as we continue to improve our capabilities and capacity at all our locations to meet today’s ever-changing market conditions.

Metal Technologies, Inc 1401 South Grandstaff Drive Auburn, In 46706 Tel: 260-925-4717 30

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