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Meet a member SCOTLAND

Glasgow event aims to up the ante for young professionals

A Novus group for Scotland is being launched this spring with a casino event at Glasgow City Chambers on Friday 30 March. Young professionals from all areas of construction – including management, planning, surveying and law – are urged to get involved and see how the CIOB can help them become leaders in their own right and ensure the industry continues to be a pivotal part of the global economy. The Novus Scotland group will be chaired by

Paul Brown and a committee meeting will be held every five weeks. These informal meetings are open to anyone interested in Novus and everyone is encouraged to attend. The theme of the launch event is “Casino Royale” with games tables and a “dress to impress” black and white dress code. Given the CIOB’s commitment to professional standards and behaviour, the casino will be strictly for fun chips with prizes given to the top 10 winners as opposed to money changing hands. As well as the casino night there will be

presentations – including one from CIOB worldwide senior vice president Peter Jacobs – networking opportunities and other entertainment.

Scotland Novus is betting on a bright future

To book a place on the casino evening please email Emma Flavell at If you are interested in coming along to a meeting or want to be kept informed about Novus Scotland events please contact

New members and a Cambridge treasure hunt

The East of England Novus group is expanding rapidly and has now taken on three more dynamic, enthusiastic, young professionals for the team following an introductory evening in Cambridge in January. Elaine Mumby, Adam Crouch and James Clark

have joined the committee following the event. Darren Lincoln (Novus chairman), Marcel Cooper (East of England Branch chairman) and Steve Brown (Cambridge Centre chairman) were joined by members and non-members

based in the Cambridge and Greater Peterborough areas. The Novus group has been looking to expand the committee with representatives from these areas. The East of England Novus group also

recently met in Cambridge for a team competition Treasure Hunt. The hunt took place on foot taking in all the history and architecture of the city.

For more on Novus East of England please contact Sam Briggs on

Gavin Lockyer MCIOB, construction director, Cuddy Group

You’ve recently been promoted at work and become a CIOB Member. You seem pretty ambitious, what drives your construction career? I have always been a self-motivated individual and continually look for ways to better my skills, knowledge and expertise. Having worked on numerous interesting and challenging construction projects throughout my career so far, it’s just given me a hunger for more.

I don’t believe anyone should or

can rest on their laurels, and I feel it’s important to continually look for new ways of approaching projects, new ways of continuing my learning, and new techniques that equate to more innovative, cost-effective, safe and environmentally sound project solutions.

What are you hoping to achieve in your new role and why did you become a CIOB member? I look forward to being an integral part in the continued success of Cuddy Group, and I hope to expand upon my own skills as I help drive the expansion of our construction division. I want to really establish myself

as a recognised expert within this innovative industry. For me, CIOB membership was the next logical stage in my ambitions to progress and continuously enhance my professional development.

What do you see as the challenges facing construction professionals and how can they overcome them? Where do any opportunities lie? The commercial environment remains testing and it is difficult to make projects profitable. The day-to-day challenges associated with managing construction sites also remain, especially as ever-changing safety and environmental legislation continues to get more and more stringent. What I think is most worrying, though, is that when times are tough some organisations take their eye off the safety ball. Cuddy Group tries to take an ambassadorial stance where possible to promote the importance of health and safety excellence and the maintenance of standards. I think that the harder you work as an individual and an organisation, the more relationships you build with clients and the greater your repeat business rate becomes thanks to your trusted reputation.

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