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2012 Trustee Election — don’t forget to use your vote

The election for three Trustees to join the Institute’s Board of Trustees has commenced (5 March 2012). Details on how to vote and a

ballot paper have been sent to all eligible Corporate (MCIOB / FCIOB) members. To vote online, access the CIOB

website at and click on the link provided in the banner. Access to the ballot site requires your membership number and date of birth in the eight-digit format (ddmmyyyy). The deadline for voting is Monday 2 April 2012 at 12 noon GMT. All candidates within the election

The CIOB is questioning the lack of incentives for consumers to retrofit green measures to their homes

CIOB looks for more carrot and stick in Green Deal consultation

The CIOB has questioned the lack of incentives for consumers to get involved in the government’s Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation. The CIOB believes the Green Deal — which removes the

upfront cost of energy efficiency measures such as loft, cavity and external wall insulation, draught proofing and energy efficient glazing and boilers — does not offer any real incentives for consumers to install energy efficiency measures in their properties. Although the lack of upfront cost appears to be an obvious benefit, and there is a small amount of money available for “early adopters”, the fact remains that energy companies are struggling to offer free (or in some cases, incentivised) insulation. Government research shows that consumers are either not motivated to make their property more energy efficient, or lack the knowledge to do so. Chris Blythe, CIOB chief executive, says the public is right

to lack confidence in the initiative. “You are asking people to make a long-term investment when governments typically operate short term,” he said. “It is rare to see a government initiative last 10 years let alone five. As we saw with the

feed-in tariff, a sudden change in policy causes uncertainty and a loss in confidence. The sort of behavioural changes the Green Deal is asking the public to make has to be demonstrated by government in the same way.” Along with a lack of “carrot”, there appears to be an absence of an appropriate “stick” in place to guide the Green Deal. For example, the Institute suggests that “the use of enhanced Building Regulations that link the Green Deal in terms of consequential improvements when carrying out other works on properties could quicken the pace of change to the UK’s existing building stock”. The CIOB recommends ensuring work is not undertaken unnecessarily when alternative solutions, which might be more beneficial in the long-term, ought to have been considered. Those assessing and advising need to be aware of the benefits of good maintenance and repair. The most simple and least expensive retrofit options may provide some of the best results, and should always be considered first.

A full copy of the CIOB response to the Green Deal can be found at

have been through a rigorous competency assessment on your behalf, so reward the most able by voting for them. Make your voice heard and

exercise your vote – Your Vote Our Future.

Only corporate members who have paid their 2012 subscriptions by 29 February 2012 will be eligible to vote

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