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City Park overlooks Denver’s downtown and the snow-capped Rocky Mountains

Denver Dazzling

Mile High in name and mile high in nature, Denver stands tall and thinks big


aybe its zest for the good life comes from its

location – set on a plain 5,280 ft (1,584m) above sea level and overlooking the thrilling vista of the snow- capped Rocky Mountains. Or perhaps it comes from its role as the capital city of one of America’s most youthful and scenically spectacular states or from its colourful heritage, evolving from a small but

As Denver is surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery and quaint former mining towns, it’s a shame not to go exploring to, say, the closest ski resort, Winter Park, just an hour by car, or nearby 4,125 square miles (10,684 sq km) Rocky Mountain National Park ( To see where the Beatles, Bob Dylan, U2 and other international stars

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feisty 1858 Gold Rush shanty town into today’s sophisticated skyscraper city of 2.7 million people. Its outstanding cultural

attractions include the Denver Performing Arts

Complex and the Denver Art Museum. Its colourful Western heritage is

showcased in the History Colorado Center, the Molly Brown House Museum, the Black American West


The Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Lively Larimer Square is full of cafés, brew pubs and shops

have performed, aim south-west for Morrison’s stunningly-sited Red Rocks Amphitheatre, home to the Performers’ Hall of Fame.

Or if you’d like to have a fl utter at the gaming tables, head west for the casinos in the historic gold-mining towns of Central City and Black Hawk. In the same area, Georgetown boasts

Central City

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