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26 San Diego Uptown News | Nov. 25–Dec. 8, 2011

TRAVEL JARETT BOSKOVICH | SDUN TRAVEL WRITER Cares of city life, a distant memory A one-day journey through time in picturesque Julian (Photo by Jarett Boskovich) As leaves take on a richer

form and the summer sun begins to cool, memories of childhood days return. Some of my fondest memories are those from cold fall Sundays playing in the leaves for hours and returning home to a table covered in freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. So there I was, sitting at my desk in an offi ce, fi lled with deadlines and paper- work and all I could think about was a quick escape down the street to a Café. I got the coffee to go and found myself walking through Balboa Park looking up at the red- woods. Thoughts of snow capped mountains, orchards and hot apple cider grew strong and so I decided that the upcoming Saturday would be spent in a small, simpler town. The town of Julian, part of Cali-

fornia’s rich gold mining history, is located approximately an hour east of San Diego and nestled in the picturesque Cuyamaca Moun- tains. The rich land proved to be ideal for farming and while many crops were planted and animals pastured, Julian would become known for it’s delicious apples. All year round Julian continues to

(Photo by Jarett Boskovich)

provide sweet, fresh apples luring thousands to its town center. With its four distinct seasons, attrac- tions and festivals year round, Julian is a hotspot for tourists wishing to travel back in time and experience the slower life of California’s pioneer era.

After the Friday snowfall, a

clear Saturday provided me the perfect autumn day to explore this quaint town. With every turn in the car, cares of city life fl ew out the window. At the fi rst sight of snow I decided to park and walk about. I hiked through the snow-covered fi elds and photographed the as- sortment of yellow, orange and brown leaves all covered in white. I spent an hour just wandering through the fi elds enjoying soli- tude amongst nature, but it wasn’t long before thoughts of hot apple cider took over, so I continued on my journey. As I arrived, all the city life hustle had now been left behind. I was ready to embrace Julian’s old-fashioned character. The streets were fi lled with locals and visitors from nearby cities. Don- ning winter attire, they walked closely with their loved ones in a

Beef brisket, pulled pork, beer battered onion rings & beans. (Photo by Jarett Boskovich) see Travel, page 27

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