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San Diego Uptown News | Nov. 25–Dec. 8, 2011


Photo courtesy of Veterans Affairs

proximity to schools. “Looking at the addresses and pulling them up on Google Maps, I don’t see them as being similar at all,” he said. Celentino said, “We’ll con- tinue to do our part to evaluate the veracity of the facility based [on] published reports available to the public but I’m not satisfied with the idea that a medical and drug and alcohol treatment facil- ity is being proposed to open 22 feet from a school, regardless of the patient population.” In a Nov. 7 letter to parents,

school officials reminded the parents that a number of public hearings on the matter will take place before it comes to a vote before the City Council. “We must stand together and continue to show patience,” school officials said in the letter. “Those with contacts with mem- bers of the City Council should let us know. Moreover, those with contacts with Congressman Bob Filner, Congresswoman Susan Davis and Congressman Duncan Hunter should continue to cultivate those contacts and let us know about the strength of those contacts.”

Councilmember Kevin

Faulconer, whose district in- cludes Old Town, said all sides of the matter are being given careful consideration. “I will be reviewing this proj- ect with our community’s quality of life in mind,” Faulconer said. “I want to encourage all neighbors to participate in the project’s pub- lic review process. Veterans are an important part of San Diego and I look forward to looking at all solutions to help get their lives on the right track.”

Dominick continues to stress

the VA would be an outstanding neighbor. The approval of the Old Town DRRTP, she said, would be an excellent opportunity for the city to give back to those who have been serving their country for the past 10 years. “Every one of these people has been honorably discharged and they’ve done nothing wrong,” she said. “So many of our veterans say they don’t feel like they fit in and that people don’t understand them. We keep telling them that if they need help, to ask for it, but now we have grown men and women who have served hon- orably and are saying ‘I need help,’ and a community that’s saying ‘not here.’”u

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