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14 San Diego Uptown News | Nov. 25–Dec. 8, 2011


Park Blvd Laundry 4209 Park Blvd 619-542-1884 You gotta see this laundry to cuz or you won’t believe how nice it turned out after a floor-to- ceiling & front-to-back, complete remodel. We love this place, with its 12 foot high ceilings, great natural lighting and ever present breeze blowing through. You can relax at the indoor bistro tables knowing your favorite duds are getting clean and happy. Under new management, they re-did just about everything and brought it over 40 new eco-friendly washing machines. One Yelp reviewer enthusiasti- cally wrote: “Lots of machines! FREE soap! What else can I ask for from my laundry place?” Then they had a local artist paint an awesome mural on one wall that totally takes the relaxing atmosphere over the top. The place finally has a much needed drop off laundry service & dry cleaning service and it they have the cheapest prices around. Plus there are full time attendants who are really friendly and can help you with and problems or questions.

The laundry, near Sprouts Market, is in University Heights which is one of San Diego’s old- est communities and this loca- tion is said to be the location of San Diego’s second oldest Laun- dromat. The new owners, Eric & Lee have owned and operated

the laundries in San Diego for a long time and have run the one on the corner of Park & Madison in U.H. for over 14 years. They were delighted to be able to have the opportunity to operate this laundry too and are really jazzed about how great it turned out. Come by and check it out. Enjoy free laundry detergent and free WiFi, and don’t forget the special discount wash days are Tues- days and Fridays.

on your entire purchase plus a 20% savings on one jewelry item. Oh, and don’t leave the shop before we give you 20% off of lunch at local restaurants. Happy Holidays and see you at the Boutique!


2802 Juan Street. #19 San Di- ego, CA 92110-2751 (619) 298-0960 Our popular gift boutique in

Old Town provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you’ll have fun shopping our full array of personal and gift items for every one on your list. This holiday season we will fea- ture our fresh handmade soaps and bodycare also available in premade gift sets and baskets. Also many spa items, candles, chandeliers, beautiful jewelry, accessories, hats and handbags, baby gifts, collectibles, statio- nery and much more await your arrival. Bring in or mention this ad for a special 15% discount

Animal House Pets 2726 University Ave – North Park

(619) 295-8834 ANIMAL HOUSE PET

STORE-WHERE DID IT ALL START? One question that we are frequently being asked is what made you open up a pet store? For “Ray” Raymond Busby it started as a volunteer at the San Diego Humane Society on Sherman Street when he was fourteen years old; where he had the opportunity to take care of many types of animals, includ- ing an African Lion, Seagulls, and many other exotic animals. If you ever get a chance to speak with Ray, ask him about his story about “saving a Spider Monkey”- it is quite amusing! However, from his experience at

the Humane Society, a passion and a love for animals was born! During his time at the Hu- mane Society, Ray brought home many different animals home as pets- Smuggling them home on the bus. Some of those of those animals that Ray smuggled home on the bus/ hiding them from the bus driver, include: a Goat, a Goose, a Miniature Don- key, an Iguana, multiple Guinea Pigs, and Rabbits. In Ray’s words “you try hiding a Goat or Goose under your coat, hiding it from a nosy bus driver!” Drawing from his experience, passion, and love for Animals- Ray decided to open up Animal House Pet Store, so that he could work with Animals for a living, and enjoy his passion and love for animals. For Ray Busby, it was never a pipe dream of be- coming rich or making millions, it was a simple desire to do what he loves!

Bodhi Veterinary Clinic 2200 University Ave – North Park

(619) 225-5838

After 21 years serving our community from a small office on University Avenue in North Park, Pacific Veterinary Services reinvented itself in a rehabili- tated 7000 square foot building a

few blocks away. The new state of the art veterinary facility is named Bodhi Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital and contin- ues a philosophy of compassion- ate care. There is ample parking in the rear of the building. The move allowed expanded services and hours, and brings to the community a much needed full-service veterinary facility offering a wide range of afford- able care. Shortly after opening its doors, Bodhi Veterinary was inspected and certified by the American Animal Hospital As- sociation (AAHA). The AAHA is a professional veterinary orga- nization that regularly inspects member hospitals to ensure com- pliance with the association’s high quality standards of care. These standards cover nearly every aspect of the hospital and its equipment, including surgery, pharmacy, laboratory, exam facil- ities, pet health records, cleanli- ness, emergency services, dental and nursing care, diagnostic imaging, and anesthesiology. Only about 15 percent of animal hospitals in North America are accredited by AAHA. Bodhi Veterinary invites you to visit the facility. Its dedi- cated team of animal lovers are available to assist you with your companion’s health needs. The veterinarians are trained in a wide range of approaches from holistic to traditional and work with exotic animals and birds in addition to our esteemed dogs and cats to ensure their best health for long and happy lives.

Stern’s Gym 3831 Granada Avenue San Diego, CA 92104-3514 (619) 299-9853 We are Delighted and Hon-

ored you are showing an interest in working out for you Wellness. STERN’S GYM is dedicated to you journey to take the next level in health; we are critical enabler to drive the change you have been waiting for. We have an ambitious roadmap and are looking for some individuals to join the team and help keep Sterns Gym Legacy. Owner Shannon Brown bought Stern’s Gym in 1994. It was a good investment for him because he worked out there for eleven years before he bought it. Stern’s gym is a historical land- mark: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Bill Pearl, Robby Robertson, and Frank Zane have caught a few work-outs at the gym. Brown trains five days a week from 4:30 am to 6:00 am. For him, training hard and eating right will help you and I to live longer, and have a good quality of life. As staff and members, we

have a real passion to pursue and achieve our goals and are looking for individuals that share that drive to make a dif- ference in themselves and oth- ers. They must be passionate, self-motivated, driven and com- mitted. Be aware at STERN’S GYM: Success is not given, it is Earned!

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