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San Diego Uptown News | Nov. 25–Dec. 8, 2011


Find more fulfillment this holiday season - shop local! San Diego Uptown News shopping guide to local businesses and all under $50

By Barbara Forsyth SDUN Reporter

There’s nothing wrong with shopping at a mall, exactly, but how about making your holiday shopping a fun and stress-free outing by visiting San Diego’s many vibrant neighborhoods? There is no shortage of whimsical and funky boutiques in our Uptown districts, and supporting them this holiday season will help ensure that they survive these tough economic times. This gift guide can help keep shopping eco-

ery’s new cookbook, The Craft of Stone Brewing, $25, available at their company Store on 30th Street (www.stone-


nomic for shoppers too – all of the items listed below are less than $50. An eco orb from Pigment in North Park (www. starts at $39 and adds instant style and greenery to any decor. Or, if you or your lucky recipient is the crafty type, simply purchase the components (glass orb, decorations, plants) and design your own - you’ll get more bang for your buck that way.

see Guide, page 12

nvite someone to try their hand at food and craft beer pairing with Stone Brew-

doesn’t want to set her Hermès on a fi lthy fl oor. NYLA in Kensington offers a selection of styles, with more or less bling ($9.95-$19.95).


hat do you buy the woman who has everything? Well, she might not have a handbag hanger, and certainly she

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