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The only energy recovery range available that already exceeds ErP requirements for 2015


läkt Woods have announced a new series of energy recovery units, known as E3co, promising

affordability and quality from a renowned name within the HVAC industry. The E3co Crown is a technological innovation, with high efficiency EUROVENT certified counter flow aluminium heat plate exchangers, which are used to help capture the energy contained in normally exhausted buildings and utilise it to treat the incoming outdoor ventilation air, providing energy recovery efficiencies in excess of 90%. With ever increasing energy costs, E3co Crown energy recovery units will prove to be an excellent investment decision, returning a positive Net Present Value (NPV) and high return on investment with a very short payback period. The new range incorporates an array of energy efficiency features, helping to dramatically cut building energy consumption. Fans incorporate EC motor

technology that already exceed the specified Ecodesign targets set for 2015 – future proofing the installation. The modular construction also has complete thermal bridging features to minimise losses, and seals that recover their state if panels are removed so that an airtight seal is guaranteed during use. Simplicity of use is one of their main selling points, with plug and play technology, the units are compact and self regulating, adjusting themselves automatically, according to the operating load.

They provide up to 2.0 m3 /sec air flow

rates, and have both vertical and horizontal mounting configurations. A built in proportional motorised bypass means during warmer months Crown will pre- cool and dehumidify, while humidifying and pre-heating in the cooler months – protecting the core from freezing. Once the system is installed they have full BMS communicating functionality,

allowing the units

to integrate within the buildings other automated systems, offering significant energy saving and improved control and management of the building operations.

All E3co Crown units are double skin insulated and their precision modular aluminium frames (with integrated drain pan and pipe) guarantee rigidity as well as lightness for ease of installation. Email:

Rockwool Launches RockShell Wall System

ockwool, the world’s largest producer of stonewool, has launched a new exterior load bearing wall system which integrates high levels of insulation into its design to deliver an energy efficient solution to the Zero Carbon challenge – while keeping wall thickness to a minimum. Passivhaus certified, the system achieves a typical U- Value of 0.143W/m2

R K, making it an ideal

specification for projects targeting superior thermal performance or higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. A patented modular system with few components, RockShell is delivered to site in ‘kit form’ according to the specified building design. Constructed of I-shaped steel profiles encompassed in heavy

Rockwool insulation and an OSB lining on the inside, RockShell is quick and easy to install and requires no specialist equipment. These factors culminate in minimal waste on-site and ultimately time and cost savings for the developer. By simplifying installation and manufacturing the system to an exact specification, RockShell offers increased air tightness and minimised thermal bridges, as compared with traditional building methods. This is achieved by the interface detail of the components and reducing the risk of installation error on-site.

Matthew Bromley, UK Business Manager for the RockShell Wall System, explains: “In simple terms, RockShell takes the insulation that would traditionally be used for wall cavity insulation and turns it into part of the load bearing structure. In doing so, far superior levels of thermal performance can be achieved without increasing wall thickness. Moreover, as Rockwool stonewool is

produced from volcanic Diabase rock, the core component of RockShell is a naturally sustainable material. “From a compliance perspective, system performance has already been proven with Passivhaus certification, which is why we expect RockShell to be particularly popular with developers that have to meet stringent energy efficiency criteria.”

Suitable for buildings up to two and a half storeys and with most types of foundation, RockShell has also been designed to offer maximum flexibility in building design and simplicity of installation. For example, the system interfaces with many common building components while the exterior can accept most types of finish, such as render and cladding. As a lightweight construction RockShell also reduces health and safety considerations on-site.

As an innovative new system, Rockwool has underpinned the launch of RockShell with comprehensive technical support, which includes a detailed building manual, access to the local technical team for specification guidance and project meetings as well as a free design service. Email:


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