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ith the public sector directly responsible for a significant amount of the UK’s carbon emissions, many public sector

facilities managers are seeking effective initiatives to ensure that their organisations effectively reduce their carbon emissions. Those interested in how to achieve this goal, as well as in realising substantial energy consumption and financial savings, are invited to attend a free seminar by market leading energy saving voltage optimisation manufacturer EMSc (UK) Limited.

The CPD* seminar – aimed at local authorities in particular – will take place at the Eastpoint Centre in Southampton on Tuesday 6th December, and will cover topics such as energy legislation, approaches to energy reduction for local authorities, and energy management for public services. In addition, the event will highlight how voltage optimisation can improve energy efficiency, reduce energy bills, and help organisations attain their emissions targets while raising their green credentials.


With limited budgets and the implementation of the Carbon Reduction Commitment, many public sector executives are seeking reliable, proven energy saving technologies that can not only help reduce carbon emissions, but can also make significant savings on energy consumption.

EMS offers one such solution – an innovative next generation voltage optimisation system called Powerstar MAX, which delivers 50% more energy savings than any other fixed reduction voltage optimisation or voltage power optimisation system available in the world. Manufactured in the UK, it is also the only voltage optimisation system in the world to be granted a patent on its design. In the correct conditions Powerstar MAX can help companies save up to 26.1% on electricity consumption, as the dynamic new solution features advanced technology to automatically adjust voltage output and maintain it at the optimum

level without fluctuation.

The system is particularly relevant in the UK – where the power supplied by the National Grid exceeds the recommended operating voltages for much of the plant, machinery and equipment used – as it optimises the voltage in line with the characteristics and loading of each specific site or through electronic-dynamic variable reduction.

The product boasts further benefits, including no maintenance requirements, protection against voltage spikes, surges and significant reduction of harmonics, independent 3 phase control to provide voltage phase balancing, and an intelligent interface to track product and site performance in real time. Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director at EMS said: “Powerstar MAX represents the next generation of voltage optimisation systems. Not only does it provide companies with a quick, easy to install solution for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, but our tailored, project led approach ensures that the optimum solution is always installed for every customer.”


EMS is the most experienced UK manufacturer of voltage optimisations systems and has already successfully installed solutions for various public sector bodies, including Tower Hamlets Council in London, Cotswold District Council in Gloucestershire, as well as at Mersey Care NHS Trust’s Rathbone Hospital and Scott Clinic. Tower Hamlets Council, one of the five host boroughs for the 2012 London Olympic Games, is undertaking a number of initiatives to reduce its energy consumption and to lower carbon emissions. In line with its vision to become a council with progressively lower environmental impacts and which sets an excellent example of leadership in environmental good practice to the community, it commissioned Powerstar to survey its facilities at Albert Jacob House – the offices for its Homeless and Housing Advices Services – to determine the effectiveness of voltage optimisation on

the site. Following an

onsite survey, Powerstar

identified that a minimum saving of 12% in electricity consumption could be

achieved through voltage optimisation. This equates to a saving of £6,411 on the annual electricity charges, while carbon emissions will also be reduced by 30 tonnes per annum.

Equally impressive results have been achieved at Cotswold District Council in

Gloucestershire, where the Council has a carbon management plan that aims to cut CO2

emissions by 25% by 2015. After

asking Powerstar to demonstrate whether voltage optimisation offered a cost- effective way to lower its energy consumption at Cotswold Leisure Centre, it was determined that the Centre could indeed make a 57,614KwH saving in energy consumption, which equates to an overall energy saving of 8%. The Centre has also decreased its carbon footprint by reducing CO2

emissions by 54 tonnes. In

monetary terms Powerstar is projected to make an annual saving of £7,800 on the Leisure Centre’s electricity costs. At Mersey Care NHS Trust’s Rathbone Hospital and Scott Clinic Total, savings have reached an average 18% on annual energy consumption. At Rathbone Hospital annual kWh savings are 65,796, the equivalent of £6,974, whilst Scott Clinic has benefited from annual kWh savings of 51,573 kWh, or £5,446. Said Mardapittas: “As the UK faces worsening power quality issues with harmonic, transient, power factor and phase balancing issues, voltage optimising offers one of the most secure technologies for public sector bodies to adopt as part of their sustainability strategies. “ Email:

*CPD, or Continuing Personal or Professional Development, is the term that describes a commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence. All attendees will be awarded with training certificates and self-assessment forms on completion on of the seminar.


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