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Formica Group at the cutting edge PRODUCT SHOWCASE


ormica Group is delighted to announce an exciting new addition to its product portfolio with VIVIX®.

To clad a building, create individual design features or for use in combination with other cladding materials, VIVIX offers a fresh perspective in architectural panels. Answering an increase in demand for decorative, lightweight and robust rainscreen cladding VIVIX is brand new to the UK market. For nearly a century, Formica® brand surfacing solutions have defined the look

and performance of modern interiors worldwide. Now, building on years of exterior cladding success in European markets, Formica Group remains on the cutting edge of building envelope art and science with the innovative exterior lightweight rainscreen cladding solution that redefines the landscape of contemporary construction for both new builds and renovations.

Offering opportunities to play with colour and shape, VIVIX panels can complement or add interest to office buildings, public, cultural and sports facilities, transportation centres, industrial buildings, educational facilities, residential developments and more.

VIVIX consists of solid phenolic, engineered exterior façade panels with decorative surfaces on both sides. Developed in consultation with leading architects and colour consultants, VIVIX architectural panels are available in plain colours with sophisticated neutrals and striking accents, nature-inspired abstract patterns and rich woodgrains. The VIVIX

Trend Energy Manager enables Trend BEMS users to save more


rend Control Systems has developed a web-based energy management package for users of its building energy management systems (BEMS). Called Trend Energy Manager, it is a powerful tool for highlighting and investigating energy waste within a building. Importantly, it is available through Trend’s extensive network of value added resellers (VARs), who will supply it for installation on the customer’s own server. It can also be hosted on an end- user’s behalf by Trend’s Energy Support and Solutions Team. Trend Energy Manager enables energy and facilities managers to keep a close eye on the gas and electricity consumed by their building services and its effect on their organisation’s carbon footprint. Meter readings and other variables logged by and automatically uploaded from the Trend BEMS provide its main source of data. Based on Trend’s pioneering iMAT M&T software, the new package can provide rapid, automatic reporting of incidences of energy overuse and can even be configured to suggest probable causes. Because Trend Energy Manager can be scaled to suit the size of application it is a viable proposition for relatively small


single buildings as well as large campuses and nationwide estates. As a web-based package it can be accessed by authorised users from virtually any location, via the Internet or an organisation’s intranet. Trend Energy Manager comes on a CD with its own installation program and requires no knowledge of programming or databases to set up. Once connected it will browse the BEMS and produce a list of system meters/sensors from which the data collection points can be selected. The maximum number of data points will usually depend on which one of four standard versions of the software – 50, 100, 250 or 500pts - has been purchased from the VAR. However, larger applications can easily be accommodated and there is effectively no limit on the number of points when the software is hosted by Trend.

Daily energy usage profiles can be created to enable comparison of actual and expected consumption. If the former exceeds the latter by a preset amount an e-mail report can be automatically generated and dispatched the next day. This permits rapid diagnosis and rectification of any problems, thereby limiting energy waste. Trend Energy Manager allows data to


range provides the possibility to create exclusive looks in a creative and cost efficient way. VIVIX panels can be used to clad an entire building or simply for highlighting individual architectural features. VIVIX panels can also be used for exterior applications such as balconies, soffits, decorative screening and fencing or to accent an entrance way of a building, to create areas differentiating floors or departments or simply to design an innovative pattern to make a building stand out.

Recent projects where VIVIX has been specified include the exterior of a sports centre, La Pobla De Vallbona, in Valencia,Spain by architect Emilio Conejero, CEO of AC Architecture. VIVIX was chosen because of its versatility, flexibility and durability. “It was the ideal option for this project, where we opted for long-lasting materials with technology that maximized energy savings,“ commented the architect.

A product brochure is available to download at

be manipulated and

combined in a variety of ways and presents it in simple to understand graphical and tabular formats. Navigation between screen pages is very straightforward, as is drilling down into the detail or displaying an overall view. For example, the user might choose to look at a graph of minimum, average and maximum electricity usage in a particular area over a given period, or view a report showing the total energy consumption, cost and CO2

emissions for every building

on an estate. Up to four plots can be overlaid on a single graph, a facility that might be used, say, to contrast energy usage on a specific day of the week over the course of a month. Moreover, consumption plots can be overlaid on other BEMS logged data – like boiler or chiller flow temperatures – to help determine the cause of excessive energy use. Tel: 01403 211888 Email:

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