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U values, which measure how well a building component, e.g. a wall, roof or a window, keeps heat inside a building, are typically twice as good as building regulation specifications.

• Superior air tightness – Internal air tightness of 3.0@50 pascals and below – three times that required by building regulations specifications.

• In-roof photovoltaic panels – SAP calculations were carried out to establish the photovoltaic requirement for each plot. In-roof panels were chosen, which give a better aesthetic, as they are more streamlined than on-roof panels.

• Grey water recycling – Waste water from baths/showers is used to fill the cistern of the ground floor toilet.

• Soakaway drainage – The substrata of the site is limestone. Water permeability tests were carried out to confirm the percolation rate. Water from highways and the homes goes to soakaway drainage rather than the pipework system.

• Learning centre – Where residents can learn how to make energy savings and understand the new eco-features of their home, for example, taps run at a slower discharge rate to save water. Heating demand is expected to be one fifth of an average home. Total energy bills are expected to be 40% less than an average home and 25% less than a modern new build home. Other benefits will include water bill savings from lower water use fittings and grey water recycling, and the potential to save more on bills by using appliances during the day when the photovoltaic panels will power for free. Energy use in all the properties will be monitored through SMART meters, which will help assess where tenants can make even more savings in the future. WDH Chief Executive, Kevin Dodd,

said: “WDH is very proud that we have created the UK’s largest zero carbon housing development. In addition to the creative look of the homes, they offer fantastic savings on energy bills. The entire project has had some outstanding

benefits for the local community, including the WDH apprentices who learned many skills while working on the site.” Neil Baxter, Managing

Director of Keepmoat delivery company Bramall Construction, said: “Park Dale has changed the zero carbon landscape in housing. We are proud to have worked in partnership with WDH and NPS to achieve Code 6 at this scale. “We set out to deliver a cutting edge, large scale zero carbon development, but also one that was realistic, affordable and repeatable. Park Dale was designed to be a mainstream development that can be replicated across the country. “The use of traditional brick and block work not only reduced costs but ensured investment in the local economy, by providing employment on site and opportunities for tomorrow’s generation of trades people through apprenticeships.” Naz Parkar, Head of Area at the Homes and Communities Agency, said: “This step change in the way we provide social houses shows what can be achieved with vision and

imagination. These houses not only provide local tenants with homes they can afford but will help protect the environment for future generations.” Richard Hodgson, Managing Director

at NPS, commented: “In the light of recent and predicted increases in gas and electric prices, NPS are delighted to be involved in the design and development of Park Dale.

As a result of its innovative features, tenants will benefit from substantially reduced energy costs and enjoy a better standard of living.” The new homes at Park Dale have proved extremely popular with more than 3,754 expressions of interest received, which equates to more than 40 expressions per property.


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