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Products Tough Android tablet T An ‘entry level’ IDAS digital mobile radio, from Icom UK

Basic digital mobile for easy migration


escribed by Icom as ideal for transport and delivery fl eets, the easy-to-use IDAS IC-F5122D mobile features the benefi ts of Icom’s

IDAS digital radio system at a competitive price. This new series offers dual-mode digital/analogue capability,

enabling allows users to integrate it into an existing analogue system as part of a gradual transition to an IDAS digital system. Making the transition will provide numerous operational benefi ts, including outstanding communication quality, security and coverage as well as 6·25 kHz channel spacing – doubling the number of users who can be fi tted into a standard 12·5 kHz business radio channel. The radio can be used for digital conventional PMR or in a single-site trunked system. “The IC-F5122D offers mobile radio users the advantages of digital

communications at a very competitive price”, comments Ian Lockyer, of Icom UK. “Together with the new IDAS IC-F3102D handportable series, they provide outstanding audio quality and expanded coverage using very narrowband channels for more effi cient spectrum use. This is particularly benefi cial in towns and cities, where radio licences are in high demand.”

• Icom’s IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) private mobile radio

system is based on the NXDN air interface technology. IDAS occupies only 6·25 kHz of spectrum per channel, while providing for enhanced features and data capabilities.

aking a new direction in rugged computers for business and government users, Panasonic has unveiled its fi rst Android- powered tablet model, the 10-inch Toughpad FZ-A1.

T is, the company says, is ideal for highly mobile outdoor work-

ers in challenging environments such as aviation, construction, fi eld service and public safety. T e range will be supported by a wide range of work accessories such as vehicle mounting and ergonomic hands-free holsters. Panasonic and its partners also off er professional services such as project management, imaging and kitting.“Consumers have enjoyed tablet computing for a number of years now with almost no uptake in the workplace due to fundamental design limitations” said Hiroaki Sakamoto, managing director of Panasonic Computer Products Europe. “Now users in business and industry can also benefi t from the ease of use and portability of tablet computing. Toughpad takes all the Toughbook experience of rugged comput- ing we have gained since 1996 and focuses it into tablets designed for the workplace.” • Durability: the new machines are designed to meet the same durability standards as Pana- sonic’s Toughbook laptop products. T is allows it to be used reliably in almost any situation.

• Enterprise security: a security CPU core handles data encryption, enhanced VPN, authentication, trusted boot and device management.

• Wireless: the FZ-A1 off ers as standard Blue- tooth v2.1 + EDR, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, GPS and optional 3G mobile broadband.

• Display: the FZ-A1 has an XGA, capacitive multi-touch, daylight-viewable screen with an anti-glare coating.

• Data capture: an active digitizer records pressure, direction and speed together with the signature, for greater legal authority.

From Panasonic, the FZ-A1 Toughpad, a rugged Android- based tablet suitable for demanding outdoor uses

• Power: the FZ-A1 off ers all-day working from a 10-hour battery. T e Toughpad FZ-A1 will be available in the Spring at an ‘street’ price of €999 + VAT for the 3G model, including a three-year warranty.

Workforce platform places service directors in control S

ervice organizations can now realize the potential

promised by increased mobile workforce automation by deploying FieldForce IQ, a new suite of tools from Cognito, the company promises. FieldForce IQ, it claims, is the fi rst fi eld service management solution to combine performance management tools with advanced scheduling and intelligent workfl ow in an integrated platform. FieldForce IQ includes

modules dedicated to three main functions: • Operational Control functionality includes job


management, dynamic scheduling and location based services to enable service organizations to operate automatically 90 per cent of the time. For the exceptions, which require management intervention, FieldForce IQ provides real time management control and reporting capabilities. • Job Delivery functionality

enables optimized schedules to be converted into actions for the fi eld force by providing schedule management, intelligent workfl ow, event management and knowledge management tools at the level of the individual

worker. This enables service organizations to defi ne and control exactly how work should be carried out, whilst supporting fi eld operatives to deliver their best performance. • The Performance

Management module enables service executives and managers to review performance quickly across a range of measures using the Balanced Scorecard; drill down to identify root causes and corrective actions with the Decision Support Dashboard and align fi eld operatives through a unique Employee Performance Management Dashboard.

Rising expectations “The product is not just a

result of r&d investment but of signifi cant market research which has shown that whilst most workforce management systems deliver signifi cant benefi ts, many fall short of their full potential”, said Jonathan Chevallier, strategic development director of Cognito. “We want to provide a product that can unlock that hidden potential as we understand the pressure service directors are under having to grapple with ever-increasing customer expectations whilst cutting costs.”

LAND mobile November 2011

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