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Sigma antennas U

K-based Sigma Wireless Technology has produced world-class antenna solutions for numerous RF technolo-

gies for over 40 years in more than 40 countries. T ey can be found in countless, diverse appli- cations, including emergency response, trans- portation, telemetry, GPS timing, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Tetra infrastructure, cellular infrastruc- ture, agriculture, SCADA, utilities, oil and gas, indoor coverage, taxis, ports, other private and public VHF-UHF networks and more. Sigma’s product range boasts globally re-

nowned product brands such as CATC, WDTC, RDTC, SWAN, LP, LP3, LHA and MHA. Its SWIFT range of antennas is recog- nized as a world-leading product for the criti- cal Tetra networks used by emergency response and government agencies, where reliability and product excellence are paramount. Over the decades, the company has seen sev- eral changes of ownership, which at times pro-

vided its own challenges. But in 2008 Sigma returned to being privately owned, with a clear focus and strategy for growth. “Our success is directly related to the success of our custom- ers”, explains CEO Gordon Campbell. “We are passionate about understanding the market and building long-term relationships, helping our customers grow successful businesses by consist- ently providing the world’s foremost antenna so- lutions at competitive prices, delivered on time.” Recognized as a market leader in low-profi le

antennas for bus, rail, tram and metro appli- cations, Sigma provides solutions for VHF, UHF, Tetra, GSM, UMTS, GPS and WLAN technologies in single or multi-band antennas. Renowned for their durability, electrical per- formance, functionality and ease of installation, these antennas are deployed around the world. Sigma’s portfolio includes high-quality in-

building and microcell antennas for almost eve- ry major RF technology and application in sin-

When it comes to choosing a quality radiocommunications antenna for performance and durability, Sigma has the products and the heritage to deliver

gle band, wideband and multi-band formats. Great consideration has been given to aesthet- ics, in producing well designed, low-profi le di- rectional and omni-directional antennas. Production manager David Macmillan adds:

“Quality, innovation and integrity are at the heart of our business. A Sigma antenna not only performs superbly but withstands the de- mands of harsh environments.” A close relationship and distribution agree-

ment with PCTEL enables Sigma to off er complementary products, including Bluewave high endurance yagis, high-performance omnis, WiMAX cross-polarized panels and GPS timing, smart and embedded antennas that boast some of the industry’s lowest noise fi gures, ensuring clear GPS signals in less than ideal conditions. • Sigma CEO Gordon Campbell is attending

this month’s PMRExpo in Cologne and would be delighted to meet interested parties. Email him at

Our Business is Global, Our Service is Personal

Sigma Wireless Technology Glasgow, Scotland

T: +44 (0)141 882 3300 E:

Base Station Antenna

Transportation Antenna In-Building Antenna GPS/Aviation Special Purposes Antenna

LAND mobile November 2011


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