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App makes its mark A

n iPhone application developed for DBi Prismo, a contractor supplying road marking products, is providing a seamless link

Protected station: modules from 4RF

Cyber-secure water N

between its fi eld workforce and offi ce based departments. The app, developed by the mobile technology provider Answer, introduces real- time reporting and communication, cutting DBi Prismo’s reliance on paperwork and achieving annual savings of over £300,000. The Cloud-hosted workforce management system, which DBi Prismo

orthern Ireland Water has selected the Aprisa SR point-to- multipoint SCADA radio from 4RF Communications for a province-

wide water and waste water monitoring and control network. Nearly 2000 radios will be installed over the next year by EMR Integration Solutions, 4RF’s systems integration and distribution partner. Northern Ireland Water’s infrastructure includes 20 major water

treatment works and over 1000 waste water treatment works. The radio network consists of 28 protected base stations and 1847 remote stations, connected to RTUs and sensors that monitor information such as pressure and fl ow levels. Each existing analogue telemetry radio will be decommissioned and replaced with an Aprisa SR radio operating in the same licensed frequency band, 450–470 MHz UHF. Northern Ireland Water selected the Aprisa SR because it combines

future-proof open standards management with excellent RF performance and comprehensive cyber-security measures. “We have been partners with 4RF for many years, supplying radio infrastructure into electricity, water and public safety networks”, said Mark Quinn, managing director of EMR. “4RF products are consistently easy and intuitive to confi gure, manage and integrate into third party management platforms. This gives our customers a real choice.”

calls Yesterday’s Internal Knowledge (YIK), facilitates real-time reporting to and from the mobile workforce and to the customer. It provides instant updates for any type of weather, travel or job specifi cation changes and evidential reporting using the iPhone’s camera. At the beginning of each day, mandatory vehicle checks are managed

by the system as part of extensive health and safety requirements built into its processes. Once approved, teams are instantly provided with the day’s schedule, specifi cations, location and route via the app. The system also enables teams to report directly on stock requirements and the condition of the location, and to confi rm completion of each job.

Cutting disputes Besides a more streamlined workfl ow, DBi Prismo has seen a big speed- up in customer invoicing, from 7–8 weeks to next-day, while invoice disputes have fallen from over 50 per cent to only 5 per cent. A survey of employees revealed improved morale because of the system’s ease of use and the ability to track wages via an e-timesheet. The smartphones have shown themselves to be robust, given the environments the teams work in, while also providing a range of convenient communication options, including phone, text, email and intranet access.

Toughpad takes tablets to work A

ndroid™-powered tablets – and their well-known

competitors – are the hottest, most talked-about form factor in IT today. But until now, few, if any, have been able to prove their worth in the world of work. Now, all that has changed with the arrival of the Toughpad FZ-A1. The 10” FZ-A1 has been bred

exclusively for mobile workers operating in hostile environments such as aviation, construction, fi eld service and public safety. In fact, the new Toughpad

guarantees all the ruggedness, security and reliability that have become synonymous with the wider Toughbook range.

Built for work When you’re out in the fi eld, you need a tablet that’s as serious about getting the job done as you are. The Toughpad FZ-A1 is that tablet – differing from consumer models simply


because, right from Day One, it has been designed and constructed exclusively with the mission-critical user in mind. The 10-hour full-shift

replaceable battery won’t give up on you. And the high-brightness, 10·1” XGA, daylight-viewable, multi-touch screen means that mobile workers in markets like supply-chain logistics, utilities and the military can see critical data and applications even in broad daylight.

Uncompromising Meeting military-standard criteria for drops of up to

Get in touch Feel free to call us at any time

on 0121 202 1014, email (Corporate Sales Manager) or (Transportation Sales Manager) or visit

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120cm, and resistant to dust and water, this all-weather Android ensures consistent and reliable performance even in the most extreme temperatures. As secure as it is rugged, the

Toughpad also guarantees an enhanced level of security. The CPU, for example, incorporates a dedicated, tamper-proof security processor. This frees up the multi- purpose CPU core for other tasks – such as handling software and data encryption, enhanced VPN, authentication, trusted boot and device management.

Data capture The Toughpad has Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and GPS as standard, with optional 3G mobile broadband offering download speeds up to 21 Mbit/s. Signing of documents has greater legal authority, thanks to an active digitizer that records pressure, direction and speed with every signature.

The digitizer pen is battery-free, reducing maintenance and cost of ownership. And the Toughpad is

supported by a wide range of optional accessories, including vehicle mounts, ergonomic hands-free holsters, rugged power systems, multi-rack chargers and desktop cradles. Panasonic and its partners can also provide professional services such as project management, business branding and kitting. It’s clear to see that, like

the Toughbooks, Panasonic’s Toughpad has been built to perform where other tablets simply fail. This new arrival is set transform the way organizations think about tablet computing.

LAND mobile November 2011

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