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Optimized digital radio


nalysts at IMS Research predict that the migration

from analogue to digital radio technologies will increase to rates not previously seen because of the coming success of what IMS Research terms ‘cost-optimized’ digital technologies – including DMR, dPMR, NXDN and China’s PDT. In the fi ve years to 2015, the

worldwide professional mobile radio (PMR) terminal market for these technologies is set to grow at a compound annual rate of 27 per cent, according to data from IMS Research. “Newer digital technologies,

and in particular DMR, are set to play a fundamental role in shaping the future PMR market”, comments Thomas Lynch, of IMS Research.

Tunnelling through Airwave A

new Tetra communications platform for Mersey Tunnels

Police gives access to group communications with neighbouring forces and services for the fi rst time, at a fraction of the capital and operational cost of a typical Airwave system. APD has provided a

direct integration between Mersey Tunnels Police’s existing Cortex software platform and the Sepura SRG3500 mobile gateway, which acts as a Tetra base station suitable for the force’s small geographic footprint. With this combination, the force has all communications functionality it requires: individual and group calling, text messaging and, most importantly, the ability to select and scan talk groups from British Transport Police, local forces and other emergency services. Yet it

APD’s Cortex platform enables Airwave CCI ports to be shared

does not require the purchase and maintenance of CCI ports for direct access to the nationwide Airwave network, the costs of which run into thousands each year. Chief Inspector Anthony

Tierney, of Mersey Tunnels Police, said: “Our remit and location

Surrey Police order notebooks S

urrey Police are to equip a further 500 of their offi cers

with Pronto, the electronic police notebook and information management package from Kelvin Connect, a company of the Airwave Group. Kelvin Connect describes

Pronto as a comprehensive, fl exible, mobile information solution that streamlines and transforms core police business processes, putting the front line fi rst. Case studies have proven the business case for Pronto, it

says: Lothian & Borders Police, who have been using the product for over four years, have reported yearly savings of more than £600,000.

Signifi cant savings Nigel Rees, managing director of Kelvin Connect, said: “The roll- out of Pronto across Surrey will build on the initial deployment and support the goal of delivering benefi ts to the force, both in terms of enhancing support to front line offi cers as well as realizing signifi cant cashable and non-cashable savings in the back and middle offi ce through the streamlining of processes.” Pronto has already been rolled

out to 380 Surrey Police offi cers, who are undergoing training on

mean that communication with the forces and services around us is vital, but a typical Airwave solu- tion just wasn’t realistic for a force of our size. APD has really taken the need for forces to do more with less to heart and provided a powerful solution with minimal drain on our resources.”

New source of DMR

the Motorola ES400 handset. With the additional users, more than two-thirds of Surrey offi cers will be using Pronto.

Electronic conviction Pronto is also being used as part of the NPIA’s Electronic Witness & Signature Pilot Project in partnership with the Crown Prosecution Service. “The aim is to prove that we can streamline the process and improve the experience for the witness or offi cer, while enhancing the authenticity of the digital evidence”, explained project manager Inspector Kevin McCarthy. The fi rst case using electronic witness statements was recently won by the Crown Prosecutor at Redhill Magistrates’ Court in Surrey.

“The offi cers are trained to use the Motorola ES400 handheld device, as well as the suite of software”, says Nigel Rees, of Kelvin Connect. “The device enables users to search multiple databases simultaneously after entering the minimum mandatory search fi elds relating to a single nominal, vehicle or property item”


the DMR Association: EMC, of Modena, Italy, which produces mobile, fi xed and base VHF and UHF transceivers, together with software and accessories. T e DMR Association now in-


cludes 17 manufacturers, fi ve of which now have interoperability- certifi ed DMR products available for sale. Others are developing DMR products. “Users have become aware

that DMR is the best choice for direct replacement of analogue PMR networks”, commented Mario Micheli, who chairs the association. “T e DMR Associa- tion Interoperability Certifi cation Program has created a competi- tive multi-vendor market. T e combination of these two factors is the key to the success of DMR technology in the market place and explains the consistent growth of DMR equipment manufacturers joining the DMR Association.”

LAND mobile November 2011

et another mobile radio manufacturer has joined

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