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20 QUESTIONS WITH... Whitney Conder

Whitney Conder is one of the top young women’s freestyle wrestlers in the United States. A past Junior World champion, Conder had a breakthrough season at the Senior level. She made her first World Team for the U.S. at 51 kg/112.25 lbs. Conder went 1-1 at the 2011 World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 23-year-old Conder also won her first U.S. Open title this year.

The native of Puyallup, Wash., will be one of the top con- tenders to make the U.S. Olympic Team in 2012. Conder took time out of her busy schedule to answer 20 Questions for USA Wrestler. 1. Favorite movie? Boondock Saints and Nightmare Before Christmas 2. Favorite TV show? Bones

3. What kind of music do you listen to in your iPod before you compete?

“Burn it to the Ground” by Nickleback and “All I Do Is Win” by D.J. Khaled

4. Favorite food when not watching your weight? Hawaiian haystacks or steak

5. Favorite sport other than wrestling? Football

6. Favorite athlete to watch in another sport? Jason “Mayhem” Miller, the MMA fighter 7. Favorite wrestler and why?

Cael Sanderson. He is humble and not afraid to go out there and try anything. And he is a very hard worker. 8. Best piece of advice you've received? Just go out there and do it. Don’t be afraid and believe in yourself because you can do anything you put your mind to. 9. What kind of advice would you give a younger wrestler who is just taking up the sport? Take it slow while learning you can do anything you put your mind to. Go after all your goals, but it will always take some time and hard work.

10. Best moment as a wrestler so far? Winning my Junior World title and seeing my flag raised with our national anthem, and making my first Senior World Team. 11. Name three people you would love to invite to dinner? Jeremy Wade from River Monsters, Comedian Jeff Dunham and Rulon Gardner.

12. What is one thing you are afraid of? Bees. I was attacked by a whole hive of yellow jackets at age


13. How did you become involved in wrestling? My dad and my brothers. 14. Best part about training in Colorado Springs? How hard we train. It’s never easy, so I’m always getting bet-

ter. Our room is very competitive and we make each other bet- ter the harder we push.

15. What is one thing about you most people don’t know? My family feeds the homeless every Christmas. 16. Any idea of what you will do after your competitive career is over?

I am trying to become a firefighter, and I will probably get

Whitney Conder receives instructions from U.S. assistant coach Vladislav Izboinikov during the 2011 World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey. Conder went 1-1 in her first trip to the Senior Worlds. Tony Rotundo photo.

married and start a family. 17. What do you do to pass the time during a long road


I play games, watch movies, listen to music, and sleep. 18. Coolest place you've traveled to and why? Either Japan or Lake Powell. Japan, because it was such an amazing place to go and see. Lake Powell, because it is my favorite vacation place with my family.

19. What would it mean to make the 2012 Olympic Team? It would mean everything to me because I have trained my whole life for it, and it would be one of the biggest things in my life to ever happen.

20. Funniest girl on the team and why? Candace Workman. We both love to dress up and do crazy things for no reason.

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