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South Carolina The Palmetto State

State Information 020 7367 0973 • • Population: 3,500,000 • State Capital/ Largest City: Columbia • Local Time: EST - 5 hrs behind UK • Weather: Short mild winters with long warm summers. Moderate rainfall year round. Low humidity spring/autumn • National/ State Parks: 7 • International Gateways: Charlotte, Atlanta, New York and Washington D.C.

Atlantic Ocean beaches, coastal plains, the Santee River Delta, and the Barrier Islands. Boasting a year-round subtropical climate, mild winters and over 200 days of sunshine each year, the state provides an ideal climate for a wide range of holiday activities. From a relaxing beach break, to


playing golf, shopping in one of the state’s charming towns or visiting Charleston’s historic sites, you’re sure to find a style of holidaying that suits. The combination of southern hospitality, the BBQ culinary tradition and a year- round festival calendar, makes for a relaxing, healthy break in the great outdoors. Charleston, founded in 1670, is a contemporary city with old world charm. Narrow streets are lined with grand colonial houses, stunning gardens and magnificent mansions.

Hilton Head

he Palmetto State offers an exciting, contrasting landscape comprised of

South Dakota The Mount Rushmore State

State Information South Dakota Dept. of Tourism • 020 7928 8314 •, www.RMI-RealAmerica. com • Population: 754,844 • State Capital: Pierre • Largest City: Sioux Falls • Local Time: CT/MT - 6/7 hrs behind UK • Weather: Warm, mostly sunny, thunder in summer • National/State Parks: 58 • International Gateways: Minneapolis/St Paul/Bloomington, Denver, Chicago, Washington


outh Dakota is the land of Great Faces and Great Places. Treasures

State Secret The first game

of golf played in the United States took place in Charleston, South Carolina. The state is now home to over 460 courses ranging from the mountains to the sea.

Don't miss Myrtle Beach

Boardwalk is part of the new efforts the city is taking in order to revamp the old downtown area, giving a new vitality.

like Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Custer State Park hold adventure for everyone. Roam with Buffalo, see the blasts at Crazy Horse Memorial or explore one of the world’s longest caves. View majestic landscapes as you travel winding scenic byways. Some of the world’s greatest dinosaur and woolly mammoth finds have taken place in the Black Hills, and many active sites can be visited as well as museums. Step back in time to the Old West in

Deadwood, home of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Retrace the steps of explorers while roaming the rolling prairies or explore a frontier fort. Experience the Native American culture and history and tour the childhood homestead of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls.

Mount Rushmore State Secret The largest, most

complete Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur yet discovered was excavated near Faith, South Dakota while the state is also home to the largest collection of Woolly Mammoth remains.

Don't miss Custer State Park

offers the Peter Norbeck National Scenic Byway with tunnels that frame Mt Rushmore National Memorial.

Tennessee The Volunteer State

State Information Tennessee Tourism • 01462 440784 • & www.tnvacation. com • Population: 5,700,000 • State Capital: Nashville • Largest City: Memphis • Local Time: EST/ CST - 5/6 hrs behind UK • Weather: Hot summers, mild winters with snow in mountains. Moderate rainfall year round • National/State Parks: 5 • International Gateway: Memphis

artistry of Dolly Parton, B.B. King and Elvis Presley to today’s chart toppers, Kings of Leon, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake, Tennessee’s music is imbedded in the culture of the world. Whether it’s country, blues, soul, classical, gospel, jazz, Appalachian, rock, pop or any genre in between, you will find what moves you in Tennessee. Tennessee brings a rich tapestry to


America’s historic landscape. Tour Tennessee’s heritage towns and immerse yourself in the state’s diverse history, from the homes of three U.S. presidents to the birthplace of Davy Crockett and the final resting place of Meriwether Lewis. Tennessee is the only entire state designated a Civil War National Heritage Area. Special events will commemorate the American Civil War Sesquicentennial.

Tennessee is America’s most musical state! 42

ennessee’s music is internationally renowned. From the legendary

State Secret Discover Tennessee

Trails & Byways (tntrailsandbyways. com) for an extraordinary adventure. Each of the 16 self-guided driving trails captures the history, culture, adventure and spirit of Tennessee.

Don't miss Shopping in

Sevierville is exceptional as it’s home to Tennessee’s largest outlet mall, Tanger Five Oaks, a100+ store complex.

Texas The Lone Star State

State Information Texas Tourism • 020 7367 0963 • • Population: 24,326,974 • State Capital: Austin • Largest City: Houston • Local Time: CST/MT – 6/7 hrs behind UK • Weather: Sunny with moderate temperatures during long springs and autumns. Short winters and warm summers • National/State Parks: 2 • International Gateways: Dallas and Houston

extensive national and state parks and vibrant cities to tempt all. In a state as big and diverse as Texas, think of the great outdoors and adventure in the Big Bend. If it is a lazy beach holiday you are


after Texas has over 600 miles of Gulf of Mexico coastline offering some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. For those looking for a bit of retail

therapy, Texas offers a good value choice. There’s everything from quaint local stores to outlets and luxury brands throughout Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. Visitors looking for the cowboy

experience should visit Fort Worth, city of cowboys and culture. Watch the cowboys herd cattle down the main street or venture deeper into the heart of Texas to stay in a ranch.

Cowboys, still an integral part of Texas life

exas is a year-round destination with a spectacular coastline,

State Secret Caribbean cruises out of Galveston are on the increase

with Carnival Cruises and Disney launching new ships from the port.

Don't miss Formula 1™ United

States Grand Prix will be held in Austin during November 2012 at the new Circuit of the Americas track.

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