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[ Update: BS 7671: 2008 Amendment 1 ]

n Type 1 SPD located @ Main switch board. n Type 2 SPD located @ Sub/final distribution boards and consumer units. n Type 3 SPD located @ items of equipment.

Other new regulations in Part 5 to be aware of include: n 521.100 – Prefabricated wiring systems intended for permanent connection in fixed installations incorporating installation couplers conforming to BS EN 61535, shall comply with BS 8488. n 522.6.100 – A cable installed under a floor or above a ceiling shall be run in such a position that it is not liable to be damaged by contact with the floor or the ceiling or their fixings. n 526.3 – Every connection shall be accessible for inspection, testing and maintenance, except for equipment complying with BS 5733 for a maintenance-free accessory and marked with the symbol installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Part 6: Arguably, this part contains the biggest change for most electrical contractors. Periodic Inspection Reports (PIRs) will be replaced by the new Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This is a report that will be used for domestic and similar installations up to 100A, and will include a Condition Report Inspection Schedule.

The new condition report also brings in new coding: C1 - Danger present. C2 - Potentially dangerous. C3 - Improvement recommended.

Note: If one or more genuine C1 or C2 codes are present, this will result in an unsatisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report being issued. The option for further investigation is still available, but it is now a tick box on the inspection schedule. Remember! Regulation 621.5 states that Periodic Inspection and Testing shall be undertaken by a competent person. Regulations apply to design, erection and verification of electrical

installations, and also to additions and alterations to existing installations. Existing installations that have been installed in accordance with earlier editions of the Wiring Regulations may not comply with this edition in every respect. This does not necessarily mean that they are unsafe for continued use or require upgrading.

Part 7: There are two new special locations: n 710 – Medical locations; and n 729 – Operating and maintenance gangways.

Section 710 applies to: n Hospitals; n Private clinics; n Healthcare centres; n Dental practices; and n Dedicated medical rooms in the workplace. Medical locations are now segregated into groups depending on procedures undertaken in the area:

n Group 0 – Medical locations where no applied parts are intended to be used and where failure of the supply cannot cause danger to life.

n Group 1 – Medical locations where failure of the electrical supply does not normally represent a threat to the safety of the patient.

n Group 2 – Medical locations where failure of the supply can cause danger to life during application procedures, vital treatments and surgical operations.

Section 729 provides a definition for operating and maintenance gangways: ECSASep11 Retention Recovery.indd 1 September 2011 ECA Today 63 11/8/11 15:43:34

n Gangway providing access to facilitate operations such as switching, controlling, setting, observation and maintenance of electrical switchgear and equipment.

n For designers and installers, this section gives information on minimum distance, width, height, etc. between items of equipment and the structure or building fabric.

Restricted access areas where basic protection is provided by barriers or enclosures Where basic protection is provided by barriers or enclosures in accordance with Chapter 41, the following minimum dimensions apply:

Gangway width including between barriers or enclosures and switch handles or circuit-breakers in the most onerous position, and barriers or enclosures or switch handles or circuit-breakers in the most onerous position and the wall

Gangway width between barriers or enclosures or other barriers or enclosures and the wall

Height of gangway to barrier or enclosure above floor 700 MM

700 MM 2000 MM

Live parts placed out of reach, as Regulation 417.3 2500 MM

Note: Where additional workspace is needed, for example, for special switchgear and control gear assemblies, larger dimensions may be required.

Appendices: Appendix 16 is informative and gives information on the installation and connection of SPDs (ref. Section 534).


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