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ECA shows the way on Green Deal installer standard

IN AUGUST, THE ECA DRAFTED the lighting installer competency standards for the forthcoming PAS 2030: Installation of energy effi ciency measures in buildings. The PAS 2030 project is sponsored by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and is coordinated by the BSI. It aims to benchmark the assessment of installer competency across a range of measures that will qualify for loans under the forthcoming Green Deal. The fi rst Green Deals are planned for autumn 2012, and the draft PAS 2030 should be out for wider stakeholder consultation this

FLASH extended Following a successful launch of the FLASH

(Facilitated Learning and Sharing) programme, further FLASH workshops have been scheduled from September. The FLASH programme provides eligible ECA registered members in the ECA Greater London region with free access to a range of workshops specially developed to help them exploit low to no carbon business opportunities. The programme is led by the Institute for Sustainability and it is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It is being rolled out through a series of networks and the ECA is working in partnership with BSK-CiC, a non- profi t consultancy, to deliver the Electrical Services Network. The fi rst round of FLASH workshops has recently concluded and the feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. More free FLASH workshops, including the very popular ‘MCS Made Easy’ have been scheduled from September, including: ■ Energy Effective Lighting – 13 September (am) ■ LED Lighting – 13 September (pm) ■ Energy Saving Electrical Technology – 19 September

■ Controls, Sensors & BMS – 21 September ■ Heat Pumps Basics – 11 October ■ Business Health Check – 26 October 2011 ■ Solar PV – 6 September, 7 and 21 October ■ MCS Made Easy – 11 October and 24 November If you are a qualifying Greater London ECA registered member and would like to book your place on one or more of the above workshops or fi nd out more about the FLASH programme, please visit fl ashelectricalnetwork the BSK-CiC website or phone 08457 22 66 55.

autumn. The ECA’s team, which involved staff from the technical, environmental, and education and training departments, was asked to draft the standards and training routes for competency when installing luminaires and lighting controls. During the summer, the ECA also ran a Green Deal roundtable discussion between leading stakeholders from across the industry, including offi cials from the Green Deal policy team at DECC.

According to roundtable chairman

Paul Reeve: ‘The Green Deal is a massive undertaking, and there are still

some very big questions about how it will work. Up to next autumn, the plans for the Green Deal will be buffeted by a range of stakeholder interests, political considerations and fi nancial realities. We were instrumental in getting early recognition for the potential contribution of lighting and controls and we will continue to put a strong case for including lighting and other building services in the Green Deal. It is also vital that where building services are specifi ed, they are installed by competent contractors who can ensure safety and high performance.’


The ECA is supporting the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) by sending all members a new co-branded guidance pocket guide and a DVD of a recent Fake Britain BBC show on the subject. The pocket guide offers information on what to look out for, plus how to report it. The Fake Britain programme highlights the problems and dangers

defective cables present to electrical contractors and the general public. Producers worked with the ACI for 12 months to help bring the issue of defective cables to UK TV screens. The ECA has also been working with the ACI to raise awareness of the issue. The ACI can be contacted on 020 8946 6978 or emai Visit for more details.

ECA Edmundson Awards

Congratulations to the 14 ECA registered member fi rms that had regional fi nalists in this year’s ECA Edmundson Awards – in particular to the two winning fi rms from ECA’s Central South region.

Oliver Devos from SSE Contracting

in Reading and Luke Nesbitt from Yeovil-based P&R Hurt took the Apprentice and Adult Trainee of the Year titles, respectively, at the ECA Edmundson national awards ceremony on 13 July. Their achievement refl ects

the excellent training provided by these two companies. SSE Contracting and P&R Hurt have also been successful in previous competitions, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to training and

investment in future skills. For more information about the ECA Edmundson Apprentice of the Year and Adult Trainee of the Year awards, contact John Corcoran, ECA training manager, on 01732 471715 or email See the ECA Edmundson Awards section of the ECA website at

In brief

■ The ECA’s head of Technical Services, Giuliano Digilio, has recently become a KNX Association Partner.

The KNX Association is the

developer and owner of the KNX worldwide standard for home and building control. The ECA is working closely with the KNX Association to ensure that ECA members are kept informed and up-to-date with the developing technology within the smart and intelligent building industry sector. This partnership provides ECA members with closer links to energy effi cient and smart installation solutions for their customers and businesses. For further information, see

the KNX Association website at or contact Giuliano Digilio at giuliano.

■ The ECA has appointed Ken Tracey as head of commercial, contracts and legal. Tracey has extensive experience in the construction industry as a quantity surveyor with building and civil engineering contractors and consultants in the UK and overseas.

Book work

(Left to right:) ECA president Alun Pearson, award winners Luke Nesbitt and Oliver Devos, and Gordon Love of Edmundson Electrical

Cengage Learning has published the fi rst studybook – Legislation: Health and Safety & Environmental – from its new Electrical Installation series, with full endorsement from the ECA. The nine studybooks – available from the ECA online shop at www. – are mapped to the new National Occupational Standards, ensuring they are the perfect study resource for the Level 3 Diploma and EAL equivalent qualifi cations. Legislation: Health and Safety & Environmental is also useful for anyone studying electrical installation in related qualifi cations. The books offer a modular, hands- on approach, ensuring learners gain all the necessary theoretical and practical skills required for each unit. Students are able to study at their own pace wherever they are.

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