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with just one stop. Our departure to London

from San Diego’s Lindbergh Field on June 3 had to be one of the most pleasant fly- ing experiences we’ve ever encountered. Since our flight was scheduled for 8:15 p.m., we had the entire day to at- tend to the odds and ends that remain before leaving home for a two-week vacation. How we appreciated not having to get up in the wee hours of the morning to catch our flight, which always resulted in our feeling exhausted even before the long journey began! Our shuttle picked us up in the late afternoon and depos- ited us directly in front of the British Airways terminal. Our immediate impression was one of calm, enhanced by the personal attention afforded us by British Airways personnel. As we approached the ticket counter, we were greeted by the smiling face of a British Airways representative who was just checking that all was well and asked if we needed any assistance. Thankfully, we did not.

The otherwise hectic ordeal of being processed through security seemed very easy and even pleasant this time around. There were no long lines and in a few minutes, we found ourselves comfortably seated in the quaint rocking chairs that lined the windows in the British Airways pas- senger waiting area. Since Lindbergh Field offers free Wi-Fi, I was able to read and respond to emails and surf the net as we waited for our flight to board. Boarding was a breeze,

and we soon found ourselves nestled in our seats in the sleek Boeing 777-200, which would be our home for the next nine hours. The San Diego-London route offers three classes: Club World (business), World Trav- eler Plus (enhanced coach), and World Traveler (coach). The World Traveler seats are more spacious than standard, so even travelers on a budget can be assured of a more com- fortable voyage than usual, with World Traveler Plus offering even wider seating. Business travelers will more than welcome the comfort of Club World, which boasts an environment that will ensure a pleasant night’s rest upon arriv- al in London. Spacious cubicles offer a wide variety of media and audio entertainment in a living room-type environment. Food and beverage service is exceptional, featuring gourmet dinner entrées accompanied by fine wines and spirits. Of course, the conversion of seats into full beds is the ultimate in business class luxury, and British Airways again excels in creating the ultimate sleep- ing environment for business traveler. We observed that service

in all sections was top-notch, with gracious flight personnel attending to the passengers’ every need. Furthermore, it was imme- diately evident upon take-off that this new Boeing 777 was one of the most quiet, yet powerful, jets

see London, page 17

San Diego Uptown News | Aug. 5–18, 2011


San Diego Boca FC Pro Soccer Club Top Coaching and Instruction to raise the level of your game!

WANTED New recruits to join our under 23, 20, & 18 Pro & Reserve teams

Steven Tyndall, a cigar smoker, takes advantage of CJ’s caged front patio. CJ’s

222 W. Washington St., 92103 (Hillcrest) (619) 296-2721

Happy Hour: 5 to 7 p.m., daily

Get Happy! Dr. Ink

Come On

he diminutive, boxy façade that is CJs could easily be deemed a dive bar, given its dark atmosphere, inexpensive drinks and occasional old drunks who lust hopelessly over the giggly fe- male bartenders. But grittiness is missing from the equation: Floors and tabletops are clean; the black leather booths show no rips, and the serious investment of a baker’s dozen flat screens looms over the bar from end to end. During NFL season, CJs turns into a jock bar for Chargers’ fans.


Game days signal additional drink specials outside of daily happy hour (5 to 7 p.m.). A sign out front confirms this, although the bartender drew a blank when I asked her what such bargains entail. Visiting on a low-key week-

day with a fellow CJ’s virgin, we learned that well drinks and Bud Lite drafts are 25 cents off the regular $3 price. In my lively practice of making “house calls” to myriad bars, I’ve learned that the more unpretentious and no-frills the establishment, the skimpier the discounts. That’s just fine when you consider that

see CJ’s, page 10 ADVERTORIAL Got 20/20? (619) 794-0014 I know for me, my vision has

faded over the last few years. More and more I find myself ad- justing the distance to the item I am reading to bring it into focus. I’ll try “the one eye”, the “squint”, the “trombone”, the “sideways tilt”……ANYTHING to bring my sight in to focus. Finally, if all else fails, I will succumb to the “cheaters” and chuckle at my fate of doing something I swore “I’d never wear them”, and then remind myself about what my body is telling me about my age. As we age the simple things like memory, hearing and vision fade. That is the reality of our life cycle. There is not a whole lot we

can do to stave off the changes in our sight, but we can do a lot about our VISION. That is, the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be. The words “act” and “power” are of importance as they infer conscious thought and taking action. Hence, we can do much with the vision in our minds eye, as vision is the art of making the invisible, visible. People who use visualization techniques are more likely to achieve their de- sired outcome than those that do not. Outcome, being a product of

the what, and the how of the vi- sualization. Visualize “you can”, you will. Visualize “you won’t”, you can’t. In fitness, as in life, vision is

helpful in realizing the end goal. This is important to recognize, as the process of aging affects the timeliness of how our body responds to exercise stress. Exercise stress is what causes the body to adapt to that level of stress, by changing physi- cally, but it takes consistency over time to reach the end goal. Grasping on to a vision of what you are to become, ultimately goes a long way in keeping you on course when the scale and or mirror may not be reflecting the pace at which you want change. Vision is not instant gratifica- tion, it is a mind set of what is to become. Vision will not accept “no” for an answer. Vision is not defeatist or self degrading. Vision understands that “set backs” are “set ups” for future wins. Vision says “no” to the extra salad dressing; the salt shaker; the late night binges and the over indulgences. Vision is a positive mental picture, backed up by positive self talk and action turning the invisible………… visible.

Vision is an experience in which a personage, thing, or event appears vividly or cred- ibly to the mind, although not actually present. So how do you impact this vivid and cred- ible appearance in your mind? Try using your sight, by putting things in front of you that align with your vision. Perhaps it is a pair of skinny jeans from an ad, or a vaca- tion destination bro- chure, or perhaps a 3x5 index card on the fridge with LESS THAN 240 as a choles- terol reminder. Maybe it’s a picture of you 10 or 15 years ago in that svelte outfit back in the day

when 20/20 was our reality. You can get it ALL BACK and then some if you visual- ize, take action and then become that “me I can see” in your minds eye. To get started call Fitness Together 619 794 0014.

FITNESS TOGETHER 4019 Goldfinch St., 92103


3620 30th Street 92104

(619) 269-7966 After a successful

year and a half we will be shutting down temporarily to remodel and install a new kitchen starting on August 1st, 2011

Upon our reopening we

will be offering new menu items including specialty drinks unique breakfast

and lunch items, specials as well as our already popular sandwiches and drinks We are excited to

expand our services while still maintaining the neighborhood charm that has made us a local favorite. Watch for our grand

reopening announcements in a few weeks. We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you all at our Grand Reopening.

Visit us on the web at: SDUPTOWNNEWS.COM Call (619) 756-7528 to inquire •

Visit the BOCA Soccer Store located in the heart of Old Town 1919 San Diego Ave. right next door to the New Holiday Inn Express

Blake Beckcom

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