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delivery went astray and could not be traced within Royal Mail, teams from Network Rail, Brodies LLP and Jacobs UK prepared and hand-delivered duplicate notices over the weekend to ensure compliance with the programme.

Managing objections Of the 6,000 parties notified, only 79 lodged objections to the bill in Parliament. This remarkable result was achieved through a well-organised programme of consultation, involving not only public meetings and exhibitions, the provision of a dedicated helpline answering questions and explaining the project, and distribution of newsletters and leaflets, but also face-to-face meetings with affected parties.

The Airdrie-to-Bathgate team

maintained a regular presence along the route, meeting people and explaining the project. But informing and consulting is not enough – public engagement and understanding are key to proper

stakeholder and community involvement. Thirty-nine changes were made to

the project plan as a direct result of the consultation programme. The time taken by the team to develop relationships with affected parties, and consider the impact from their perspective, was crucial in ensuring that all required land was successfully acquired within a very limited timescale.

Managing land assembly The most serious risks to delivery of land for infrastructure projects of this scale are unexpected, and unacceptable, high costs and delays. Compulsory purchase is often

‘Compulsory purchase was the best way to ensure delivery of the land’

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When the new train maintenance depot at New Cross Gate required a heating solution, Emico- Rail and consultants BBP Building Services, working in conjunction with AmbiRad, specified Nor-Ray-Vac radiant tube heating. With effectiveness and economy as top priorities, the highly efficient system would

provide the ideal working environment for vital train maintenance. After a collaborative design and specification process, specialist contractor Emico-Rail installed the comprehensive Nor-Ray-Vac heating system throughout both buildings. The system was specifically chosen for its efficiency, effectiveness and rapid response to changing temperatures.

Radiant tubes use infra red rays, heating people and objects rather than the space itself. This ensures the maintenance sheds will remain comfortable places to work at all times. With large, constantly open doors, the system also avoids the significant wasted energy associated with heating vast internal spaces suffering from fluctuating temperatures – perfect for contemporary rail sheds. With the innovative zoning system in place, the operator is able to switch off parts of the system that aren’t needed at a particular time.

n For further information, call Tracey Lawrence at CFA on: 01622 754295; fax: 01622 758485; or email:

Draka cables have achieved what most certainly is the mass transit sector’s ‘gold standard’ seal of approval. Several of the company’s cable designs have been approved by London Underground as satisfying – and in many cases, exceeding – the safety requirements of Section 12

(underground) areas, as set out in LU 1-085, the current document that details the requirements for the fire safety of materials. Two Draka cables in particular were singled out for praise: the Firetuf FTP120 (until a recent rebranding of the Draka range, known as Firetuf Powerplus) and Firetuf FT Sifer (previously called Firetuf Sifer). Firetuf FTP120 is designed to ensure that power supplies for both live safety and firefighting systems are maintained in a fire. In addition to its approval by London Underground, the zero halogen, low smoke OHLS cable is approved by LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) and BASEC (British Approvals Service for Cables) and is used in a wide range of applications that call for the highest fire performance, such as firefighting lifts, smoke dampers and other critical life safety systems.

n For more information, call: 01332 345431; fax: 01332 331237; or email:

Draka Penny & Giles

Penny & Giles, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Controls and a designer and manufacturer of position sensors, solenoids, and joystick controllers,

has completed the operational integration of industrial solenoid manufacturer Mechetronics Limited into its Penny & Giles Controls division in South Wales. The company has also increased capacity at the

Cwmfelinfach design and manufacturing facility to accommodate the new product range. ‘The integration of Mechetronics provides

extensive experience in the design of industrial solenoids, to complement our existing aerospace and defence solenoid businesses in North America and Europe,’ said David Adams, co-chief operating officer of Curtiss-Wright Corporation. Mechetronics is a global supplier of solenoids and solenoid valves to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and applications benefiting from these products include business machines, switchgear and vehicle braking systems. The industrial solenoid design resource will remain in Cwmfelinfach and the site’s manufacturing resource, together with a facility in Zhuhai, China, will service global markets.

n For further information, contact: Mike Iles, at Penny & Giles Controls, 15 Airfield Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 3TG. Tel: 01202 409409; email: mike.iles@pennyandgiles. com; web:

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considered a last resort, since it involves a serious interference with personal property. However, for a major rail project, compulsory purchase was the best way to ensure delivery of the land, since it gave the team control and avoided ‘ransom strips’ and delays. Making sure land was available when

the construction commenced involved careful programming. Shared information from the project sponsors, legal, property, construction, environmental and design teams made sure that any possible delays were identified early, allowing steps to be taken to build the necessary time into the programme and also allow for leeway. The result was that the required

land was obtained on time without exceeding budgets, with no challenge to the acquisition and no negative media coverage.

ODELL MILNE is a partner at Brodies LLP:

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