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January 2010 to December 2010 7,672 copies

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30 Rail Professional opinion and news 04-10

Northern gets more carriages; Chiltern fined for overrun; Hammond proposes procurement reforms; ORR ‘has no teeth’ say MPs; BTP to cut posts; Edinburgh to Glasgow improvements on hold

Business news

NET preferred bidder revealed; Borders project eligible for European loan; Thales redundancies announced

Train of thought

Readers letters: have your say about the rail industry and Rail Professional

News analysis

Katie Silvester looks at the pros and cons of East Coast’s May timetable, which will see 19 extra services each day, as well as the operator’s new first class offering

Wright track

HS2 was beginning to look like a done deal, but a strong protest movement has started to erode some of the main arguments for building the line. Robert Wright explains

Rail Professional interview

Transport secretary Philip Hammond tells Alan Salter about the challenges of HS2 and the Northern Hub, a year into his role as transport secretary

Airtrack plans crash land

A scheme to create better rail links to Heathrow by building a new chord to Staines have been abandoned, due to lack of funding. Paul Clifton finds out more

Supertram’s wheels of steel

The Sheffield Supertram struggled to attract enough passengers when the network first opened. Now it’s a victim of its own success, running at capacity, but with no guarantees of funding for expansion. Andrew Mourant reports


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37 38-39 34-35 32-33 28-29 30-31

Concerns about cycle theft deter some commuters from cycling to the station. James Nash looks at some of the solutions the rail industry has been implementing to help keep thieves at bay

Creating a united security force

The Rail Safety Accreditation Scheme gives private security firms powers such as handing out penalty notices, as well as encouraging Tocs and Network Rail to work together on security issues. But it’s not widely enough used, says Abbey Petkar

When the train causes a strain

Train operators have found themselves at the receiving end of damages claims, after drivers have developed strain injuries from repetitive movements when driving. Solicitor Chris Price explains why employers need to carry out suitable risk assessments to avoid this situation occurring

Institution of Railway Operators

John Glover takes a closer look at National Express East Anglia’s remote diagnostics system. Plus: dates for your diary

Lie of the land

The reopening of the Airdrie to Bathgate line may have appeared to have a smooth run, but a stack of preparatory work had to be done behind the scenes to keep the project on track, as property lawyer Odell Milne explains

Products and services

A round-up of essential products and services for the rail industry

Regulator’s platform

Bill Emery, the Office of Rail Regulation’s outgoing CEO, looks at what the rail industry has achieved over the last few years, as well as predicting its future


Richard Price; Claire Porter; Ben Ackroyd; Robert Barnes


Vacancies in the rail industry, focusing on senior management positions

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