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4 San Diego Uptown News | Apr. 1–14, 2011

FOOD Farm-to-fork fare

SlowLane Brook Larios

Uptown ain’t shy of farm-to-fork

fare. In fact, the area has the high- est saturation of educated eating establishments in the county. Stand at one and the next is a locally grown grape’s throw away. Thus, it’s appropriate to thank your lucky stars the folks behind these spots have your back, your community and your best interests in mind. These are the fair—and fare— friends everyone should have; those that are more than just a cog in the sketchy “wheel of progress.” And here they are: The Linkery—3794 30th St.,

North Park—Jay Porter, owner and a key player in the sustainable food movement, helms this newly renovated and revised resto. What began as a sausage-centric bar and eatery now emphasizes locally grown produce-driven fare and house cured meats...and, yes, still beer. El Take it Easy—3926 30th

St., North Park—The Linkery’s crazy younger sis’, she and her older counterpart are the only restaurants in San Diego that serve chicken from local rancher Curtis Womach. This one takes the creativity cake with pastured goat, pickled quail eggs and sauteed chicken spleens (thanks, Curtis). Lots of good veggie options, too. Sea Rocket Bistro—3382 30th St., North Park—Let there be seafood, and there is, as the name suggests. Owners Elena Rivellino and Dennis Stein know their fisher- people by name (they’re listed on Sea Rocket’s website), which isn’t a huge feat when they live near you. All seafood is locally caught, pastured beef comes from a nearby ranch and accoutrements come from local artisans. searocketbis-

Urban Solace—3823 30th St.,

North Park—Executive Chef/ partner Matt Gordon keeps rather quiet about his efforts to support the local, little guy (grower, artisan and customer alike). High-fructose

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is a term he knows not (or at least chooses to ignore). His newbie joint Solace and the Moonlight Lounge is slated to open in Encini- tas very soon. Spread—2879 University Ave., Hillcrest—Vegetarian and vegan celebs à la Natalie Port- man and Zooey Deschanel flock to this joint, featured not too long ago on several foodie TV shows, including Tyler Florence’s “The Best Dish I Ever Ate” for its White Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Spread. Run tenderly by Andrew and Robin Schiff, husband-wife New York transplants, the daily menu relies on whatever looks good on the farm that day and is written on a board brought from table to table. Terra Restaurant & Bar— Moving to 7091 El Cajon Blvd., East College District in early April to become Terra American Bistro. Executive Chef/owner Jeff Ross- man wrote about his love affair with the local growing landscape in a recent cookbook and continues to fawn over his fave farmers (like Lucila and Robin of Suzie’s Or- ganic Farm) with recipes featuring their bounty. AVE 5 Restaurant & Bar— 2760 5th Ave., #100, Bankers Hill— AVE 5 co-owners and brothers Brian and Colin MacLaggan, with their father, tend a small plot of land on Ramona’s Highland Valley Ranch. The result makes a mark in several recipes. avenue5restaurant. com

Bankers Hill Bar + Restau-

rant—2202 4th Ave., Bankers Hill—Executive Chef/partner Carl Schroeder (best known for Del Mar’s Market Restaurant & Bar) has frequented Chino Farms for ages and, with last year’s opening of Bankers Hill, brings the fresh- ness uptown. Like many restau- rants that source from local farms, he gets some of his ground-grown vittles from Specialty Produce, which gathers veg y mas from lo- cal and regional growers. banker-

The Red Door Restaurant &

Wine Bar—741 W. Washington St., Mission Hills—This sweet little spot features produce from local growers and the like, especially those that frequent the Mission Hills Certified Farmers Market. Chef/partner Brian Johnston makes his rounds on Fridays, snagging halibut from local Poppa’s Fish, among others. Inti-


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Uptown eateries offer an array of dishes made with locally grown fare.

mate like its next-door neighbor and sister The Wellington. Date night, anyone? Viva Pops—3330 Adams Ave.,

Normal Heights—What kind of person turns down dessert, especially when it’s made with organic, often locally grown pro- duce and called a paleta (Mexican fresh fruit ice pop)? Owned and loved by Lisa and Jack Altmann.

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