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Tudor Revival In England, the Tudor pe- riod lasted from 1485 to 1588. In America, the Tudor Revival lasted roughly half as long, from 1890 to 1940. The style really took off after the First World War, in part because so many GIs had been stationed in England.

Hallmarks of the style: Steep,

gabled roofs, sometimes with overlapping cross-gables, brick or stucco exterior, half-timbering, elaborate chimneys with decora- tive flues, leaded glass windows, wood-shingled roof—sometimes in elaborate patterns to resemble thatching—battlements, eyebrow windows, parapet gables and other silliness to leaven the serious, veddy, veddy English appearance.

Monterey The progenitor of this style flourished, for a very brief time, during the Mexican Territorial period in Southern California. It was made up of influences from the Eastern Seaboard, the Carib- bean and Mexico, and was built before lumber mills and hardware stores, when houses were for the most part brought in pieces from the East Coast, around the tip of South America, and reassembled in California by seafaring men for their lonely wives, who spent a good deal of time pacing the ocean-facing balconies, scanning the sea. The revival, which began in the 1920s, seems to have thrived

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mostly in Monterey, Hollywood and, locally, in La Jolla. Hallmarks of the style: Wood board-and-batten siding (though sometimes stucco or brick on the first storey), large, divided-light windows, low-pitched wood shingle roof, classical lintel over the front door, and that broad wooden balcony extending the width of the house.

Prairie Style Although Frank Lloyd Wright

is often credited with this style, there were a number of Prairie School architects practicing in the Midwest at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. Irving Gill brought the style West, adapting it to his cottages on 8th Avenue, across from the Marston House. It’s distinguished by a horizontal orientation, thought to mimic the wide expanses of the Prairie. Nathan Rigdon worked in the style in Mission Hills, and there is a handful in the Loma Portal area. Hallmarks of the style: Low-pitched hipped roof, case- ment windows in horizontal bands, sometimes connected by a continu- ous strip of flush wood trim, stucco exterior, open floor plan with den, living room, dining room and stair hall flow into one, copious wood trim, in horizontal bands. The china cabinet and fireplace are also broad and substantial. Architectural movements, such as the Prairie School often aren’t identified, named and codified until years later. Some cranky people will make the case that the typical builder of the 1920s therefore didn’t know the fundamentals of the style

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and couldn’t tell the difference between Middle Georgian and Mission Revival. But to assume that is to underestimate the power of the public school industrial arts programs that introduced many an aspiring architect in the first part of the 20th century to the classics. Most future master builders went through a rigorous apprenticeship program as well, and this was the era of the self-made man (Cliff May designed his seminal Hacienda houses without the benefit of an architect’s license, or a formal education). People might not have gone to college, but they did go to the library, hundreds of which were being built around the country (in the classic Beaux Arts style), where they read plan books that provided instruction both in the fundamen- tals and the latest trends. This was an era when the greatest architects were willing to personally instruct young hopefuls. Frank Lloyd Wright had his Taliesin School. And any (male) San Diegan could sign up for a class with Irving Gill—at the YMCA. Who needs M.I.T. when you have the Y? It was a world full of possibilities, and that spirit found its way into the Revival styles of the 1920s.

If you’d like to study your house’s DNA further, try American House Styles by William Morgan. You’ll find that there is much more to the Revival styles than can be outlined here. Or you can always visit the Downtown public library (a classical idea that’s due for a revival). If you’re still stumped, contact House Calls at housecallss-

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