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A new laminate for the active

W.L. Gore & Associates has introduced the Gore-Tex Active Shell laminate for autumn/winter 2011/2012 collections. Martin Lankes at Gore, introduces the product and its technical elements.


ime is one of our most precious commodities. In an attempt to make the most

effective use of their time many outdoor enthusiasts have become more athletic and faster than ever before. Instead of hiking in the mountains they run up mountains and along trails.

Climbing has turned into speed climbing,

mountaineering is done after work, haute route tours are done in four days rather than six, and

Transalp tours have become Speed Transalp tours. As well as expecting more of themselves, these athletes also have increasingly high expectations of their clothing. There is a growing demand for extremely lightweight, minimalist outdoor apparel where every gram counts and where outstanding functionality is partnered by an attractive, sporty look.

Our product development team has succeeded in producing a membrane that is extremely lightweight and breathable whilst still retaining its 100 per cent water-proof properties. The new Gore-Tex Active Shell laminate combines a lighter, thinner Gore-Tex membrane with fine


denier performance textiles to deliver a three- layer solution for active consumers. On the liner side, a completely new, never seen before lamination technology integrates the backer textile directly into the Gore-Tex membrane allowing for extreme breathability (RET<3) and excellent next to skin comfort. Sweat is very quickly

conveyed away from the skin and transported out through the textile in the form of water vapour, while moisture produced by rain, snow and wind has no chance of penetrating.

Garment manufacturers adidas, Arc’teryx, Berghaus, Haglöfs, Mammut, Millet, Montura, Mountain Equipment, Norröna, Patagonia, Peak Performance, The North Face, Tilak

and Trangoworld have included Gore-Tex Active Shell garments in their collections for winter 2011/2012.

Our specialists have worked extremely closely with our brand partners’ designers to ensure that the garments (jackets, short-sleeved jackets and short-length trousers) are produced without any superfluous features. Features are limited to a total area equivalent to a page of A4 paper. By means of a most exceptional new product, an exclusive lamination technology and a comfort-

based approach to garment design Gore is able to guarantee the outstanding performance of the end product.

For highly aerobic activities such as running, biking and training there are polyester fabrics with knit surfaces (jacket weight less than 300g) and for fast alpine ascent there are woven nylon shells (jacket weight less than 400g).

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