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Faculty Innovations, Scholarship and Service D

r. Earl Bland, professor of psychology and chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences, published two papers

this summer in the Journal of Psychology and Christianity titled “Finding Self, Forming Virtue: The Treatment of Narcissistic Defenses in Marriage Therapy,” and “Restoring the Voice of Tamar: Three Psychoanalytic Views on Rape in the Bible.”

Bland also led the creation of MNU’s Human Research Review

Board established this summer for the purpose of insuring the ethical treatment of human research subjects.

Dr. Sondra (Riley ’81) Cave, director of the Center for

Professional Excellence, has provided strengths training in recent months for more than 10 organizations such as North Carolina State University, Texas A&M, PACE University, and Metropolitan Community College Leadership Academy. Cave recently worked with pastors’ training for the Joplin, Kansas City and Missouri Districts of the Church of the Nazarene and for various church boards.

Gallup, the group that developed and markets StrengthsFinder, has named Cave one of the top 20 national “strengths educators” and appointed her as a “strengths advisor.” In this role

she assists with strategic planning for Gallup’s strengths educator program and the Clifton Strengths School.

Additionally she presents a monthly webinar focused on the

First Year Experience/Freshman Seminar for the higher education division of the Gallup Organization. Cave utilizes the curriculum she developed and touts MNU’s Freshman Seminar as an example nationwide.

Dr. Yorton Clark Jr., associate professor and chair of the

undergrad Department of Business, completed his doctorate in higher education administration and institutional leadership this summer from Saint Louis University. His dissertation was titled Institutionalizing Service-Learning Programming in Faith-Based Colleges and Universities.

Dr. Martin Dunlap (’76), chair of Graduate Studies in Education, continues to cultivate his passion for marching bands. Recently he judged five marching band competitions in three states, consisting of 145 bands and more than 82,500 students, teachers and audience members.

Dr. Neil Friesland (’92), associate professor of education, completed his doctorate in special education from The University of Kansas. His dissertation topic was The Perception of Elementary School Teachers and Formative Assessment.

Dr. Bob Humphrey (’93, MBA ’96), associate professor and

program director of Adult Studies in Business, completed his doctorate in leadership and higher education administration

8 | Accent magazine | Fall 2010

this summer from Saint Louis University. His dissertation was titled The Retention and Educational Attainment of Hispanic College Students.

Dr. Faith Jacobsen, assistant professor of chemistry, recently published a paper in the Journal of Molecular Biology titled “The Metalloregulatory Zinc Site in Streptococcus Pneumoniae AdcR, a Zinc-activated MarR Family Repressor,” with David P. Giedroc and Malcolm E. Winkler, professors from Indiana University. The link to the article’s abstract can be found at

Bob Humphrey, Yorton Clark and Neil Friesland are among the faculty who completed doctorates this summer.

Jacobsen also gave a seminar on her research at the University of Missouri-Kansas City on October 14 titled “Why Is Zinc Toxic? The Interplay Between Zinc and Manganese in the Pathogen Streptococcus Pneumonia.”

Dr. Claudia McVicker, assistant

professor of education, presented at the International Reading Association 23rd World Congress on Reading, held July 12-15 in Auckland, New Zealand. The title of her presentation was “Universal Response to Children’s Literature! Spontaneous Response of Birth to 5-Year-old Children as a Precursor to Comprehension.” More than 800 registrants from 30 countries attended the World Congress on Reading.

Dr. Russell Meigs (’96), adjunct professor in Graduate Studies in Education, is the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education Award from the Association of Teacher Educators in Kansas. The award is given to one individual each year based upon her or his exemplary doctoral-level research in the field of teacher education.

Dr. Rion G. Taylor, MNU assistant professor of biology, and

Dr. Roy G. Welch at Syracuse University, published a paper this month in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. The paper is titled “Recording Multicellular Behavior in Myxococcus Xanthus Biofilms Using Time-lapse Microcinematography.”

The abstract of the article can be heard at http://www.jove. com/index/details.stp?id=2038.

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