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5 BWA News in Brief
Stories of inspiration, challenge, tragedy and praise from our diverse Baptist family around
the world.
8 Thousands Gathered for Five Days of Worship, Mission, Study and Fellowship
Delegates "heard the Spirit" together through the messages of speakers, music & thousands of fellow participants, with an
incredible diversity of fellowship.
13 Message of the 20th Baptist World Congress
An affirmation of the congress' call to service, and a commitment to follow through.
14 New BWA Leaders Elected
John Upton succeeds David Coffey as president of the BWA, and 12 new vice presidents, two from each region, were elected
and installed.
15 BWA President David Coffey Concludes Term of Service
Coffey's term as BWA president was just one chapter in his life of international ministry.
16 Congress Mission Activities
Mission in Action provided congress participants with the opportunity to serve the area's homeless.
17 Baptists Discuss Theological, Ethical & Social Issues
BWA representatives participated in a conference on the Jamaican slave rebel Samuel Sharpe. Sharpe was a Baptist Christian
who led fellow slaves in a rebellion that ended in hanging, but hastened the end of slavery in the British colonies.
19 Congress — An Exchange of Culture through Music
Elijah Brown reviews the diversity of music & spirit-filled praise that marked the International Music Fest held during the congress.
21 Five Years of Christ the Living Water
A celebration at the congress marked the completion of this special ministry of evangelism & servant leadership.
22 BWA Accepts Three New Member Bodies
Just prior to the start of the congress, Baptist groups from Zambia, the USA, and Vietnam were granted membership in the BWA.
23 Congress Registration & Attendance
24 Special Congress Guests
A number of ecumenical leaders and leaders of other Christian traditions were special guests at the congress, bringing greetings.
25 South Africa to Host 2015 Baptist World Congress
Representatives from the African delegations expressed appreciation and honor for the opportunity to host the
21st Baptist World Congress, July 2015, in Durban, South Africa.
26 2010 BWA Women’s Leadership Conference
Patsy Davis reports on the Women's Conference, which focused on issues of abuse and poverty. Eight hundred women from 62
countries met around the theme “In Step with the Spirit.”
28 Canadian Diasporan Africans in Ministry Together
Baptists of the African diaspora in Canada gathered for their annual meeting, remembering the history of their association
– begun by former slaves – which now encompasses Canadian Baptists of white & African descent.
29 Book Notes
David Bebbington. Baptists Through the Centuries: A History of a Global People. Baylor University Press, 2010.
Also, a selection of new books provided to the BWA.
30 In Memoriam
A dance group from New Hope Christian Fellowship in Hawai‘i performs on the opening night of the Baptist World Congress


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