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attracted to those ethereal, starry, universal ideas Stuart: Maybe because you are one! Just throwing it out there... everyone’s thinking it... I’m just saying it! Kylie: Thanks! What does that make this place? If I’m a star then you must be in my cosmos. Stuart: Recorded in Heaven. Kylie: Does it get any better than that?! Stuart: Looking For An Angel was the first thing we did together - but the two other songs: Aphrodite and Cupid Boy - Aphrodite Kylie did with Nerina Pallot and Cupid Boy was done with Luciano and the Swedish House Mafia. I think it’s a good way of illustrating that, of the songs on the record there’s stuff that Kylie wrote and stuff she wrote with other people. It shows that songs were selected because they fit into the blueprint of the record. Songs would come in or we’d hear something and it would have a resonance with the rest of the record. At that point it’s almost like there’s no

way it couldn’t have been on there. It was as if everyone was there at that time and was part of the same thing. Aphrodite, Cupid Boy, Looking For An Angel are all songs written by combinations of different teams but all sharing that unifying idea of the album. Of course Aphrodite went on to be the album title.

This is a much lighter album, was that some sort of reaction to the darker times that you had been through?

I think a lot of what I do now is, in some way, coloured by the experience I had with illness. I guess I was just feeling like expressing joy at this point, I’d written songs more about that period in my life either on or for the last album, so I didn’t feel like going through those again; this was about this moment, this time, and what a happy experience this has been for me.

What’s your relationship with love at the moment?

Jeez! That’s a massive question! A lot of people question why so many pop songs are about love, why operas are so written, why paintings

are painted, why we cry during really silly commercials. Love in all its various forms challenges us all the time and I guess you could say this was a little love affair with this album. I loved coming to work and I loved working with Stuart, I think that feeling comes through on the album.

What was the most fun that you had on the record?

Stuart: Well what you probably can’t see is that by mine and Kylie’s feet there’s a little six foot square area that was designated the ‘dance zone’ Kylie:You guys are right in it! You feel some kind of movement? Stuart: That was when you knew a song was right, and you knew that it was saying what we wanted to say Kylie:We’d both be listening in our own world and there’d be the point in the song when the hands would go up! Hands up = good reaction. And of course there was the “Dolly Parton Litmus Test” which I’ve got to tell you has travelled, I’ve been asked so much about that. Stuart: It worked! Kylie: Shall we tell that little story? Stuart: You should yeah. Kylie:The soon to be trademarked and copyrighted “Dolly Parton Litmus Test” is a way of testing a song’s viability. He’d get his acoustic guitar out and we’d sing. Stuart: Well it wasn’t quite singing it was more of a performance. Kylie:True. Stuart: Kylie does the best Dolly Parton impersonation there is on the planet, ever! We figured out that if that worked for any song, and we could see Dolly doing it; then on top of that we could sit down with a guitar and do it like that as well - the song was probably destined for good things. It became, as you say, a sort of litmus test for each song on the record. Subsequently it’s also gone on to be the thing that stays in your head - quite strongly as well! Kylie: It does! Stuart: And I challenge Kylie to do it at every dinner party she goes to from this point onwards to the end of time. Kylie: Then as a celebration when it was my last day coming in here to wrap up a couple of things, I took it upon myself to get two of the cheapest, gnarliest, got-nothing-to-do-with-a-natural-fibre-at-all outfits - cowboy and cowgirl. One was couriered here earlier in the day with a message - I can’t remember what I wrote - but just reading it you could tell it was in ‘that accent y’all!’ Stuart: It mentioned grits in it somewhere as well. Kylie: It did mention grits. So by the time I got here later in the day, I did a quick change at the entrance and walked in to find my “cowboy” with Kenny Rogers blasting out of the stereo, then I came in and punched out a good old rendition of ‘Yeeeeeha!’ with All The Lowers, in “Dolly Parton Litmus Test” style. Stuart:We got the baked beans on the fire for that one! Kylie:That was one of our most fun moments.

Was this one of the most fun albums you’ve ever made then?

Yep. Without a doubt!


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