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Was there any point whilst recording the album when you guys thought ‘yeah, this is it’?

Stuart: You have ideas or you have some songs, and you look at it and you say “what is this?” or “does this mean anything yet?” and then you have a moment where all of a sudden the penny drops and it clicks. We started writing some stuff here in New York, the first song we wrote was about angels; and I think there was a seed of an idea of what the record could become at that point. It really suggested the direction, and we could start sewing everything together to use as the basis of the album. Kylie: Yes, looking For An Angel was the first song we wrote together, we had our notebooks at the ready; Stuart’s was a very special one and mine was from the 99cent store! Stuart asked me “have you ever had a song called Angel?” I literally had to think back because one would imagine I had done so, but no, we hadn’t. So that was our first song; in this tiny little studio in New York. Stuart: I think you had the advantage that you were spending a lot of time in New York, so you were living a certain “bubble” of life there. I think that was different, mentality, from just checking into a studio, writing for a day and then leaving. Kylie:Yeah. You’re right.

It’s funny how it comes out on a record, even though you can’t necessarily perceive it there’s always a feeling you get when you listen to something.

Stuart: You can’t lie to the listener but you can hear someone smiling when they sing. You can feel and hear on the record when the heartbeat is comfortable and not anxious. If we weren’t having a good time, we pressed the stop button. The old adage (applies) “the record sounds like the time you had making it”.

Were there an excess number of tracks? And how did you pull them together?

Kylie: Hmm yes, there was! Trying to decide which tracks made it needs a highly technical device which you find in studios like this - the whiteboard… Stuart: There wasn’t really an excess of tracks because we were always conscious to evaluate stuff and say “is this right or is this wrong” Kylie:There reached a turning point where we said “ok no more writing – let’s just focus on what we’ve got” Stuart:There were ‘diamonds in the rough’ and there were things which felt like they should probably never have worked, but we would look at stuff again and say “well that wasn’t really happening last week but let’s try it again and change the style of the song”. Kylie: ...and you were really determined that it was twelve tracks, forty’ish minutes, being that precise about it. You really were quite strict. Stuart: We looked for the classic album format, where can you make a record which represents your artistic intention without ‘over egging’ it, and perhaps leaving you just asking for one more. Until we struck upon that kind of formula, and that feel, we kept going until we got it.

Looking For An Angel, Cupid, Aphrodite… Do you think there’s a celestial feel to the album?

Kylie:There is something of a celestial feel throughout the album, definitely not on every track but I think we tapped into that, on the first song we did together ‘Looking For An Angel’. Personally, I’m always


Aphrodite debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart, on the same week as her debut album, Kylie, debuted 22 years ago in 1988. It is her fifth album to reach number one. Making Kylie Minogue the only female recording artist to date in UK chart history to have a number one album in four consecutive decades 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s.


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