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LITTLE the treatment:

A Fab Spray Tan Where can I get it? La Belle Femme in Cheadle Village

What makes it special? It’s an adorable little beauty salon on the

PORTER magazine’s beauty agents scout out Manchester & Cheshire to bring you this month’s must-have treatments & amazing products…

the treatment:

Eyelash Perm Where can I get it? Urban Retreat, Harvey Nichols, Manchester

How does it work? Similar to when you get your hair permed

but on a ‘mini’ scale. Eyelashes are placed and set around a baby roller.

What makes it special? The results are amazing! It instantly opens up the eye area drawing attention to lashes you never thought you had. Perfect for holidays when you wear little to no makeup and still want to look feminine and glamorous.

the product: SOAP & GLORY

Flake Away Body Scrub What is it? An exfoliator in a tub! Where can I get it? Boots What makes it special? Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Peach Seed Powder are combined in this cute tub to create the most perfect skin smoothing exfoliator yet!

How do you use it? Apply a handful of Flake Away onto damp

skin and massage in circular motions until most of the grains are gone. Rinse well, pat dry and like magic super soft skin appears.

How much does the product cost? £6.50 Contacts? Boots,

How long does the treatment take? Around 45 minutes eyelashes are transformed – easily done in a lunch hour.

How much does the treatment cost? £39

Contacts? Urban Retreat at Harvey Nichols, Manchester, 0161 828 8856

corner of Cheadle high street. The staff are friendly and their prices are extremely competitive. As we’re saying goodbye to summer we’ll be visiting the spray- tanning booth more frequently so we want somewhere that is convenient, professional and not too pricey. With fake tanning us busy ladies want to be able to book last minute, run in and out and achieve a sun- kissed ‘even’ all-over tan – and that’s exactly what La Belle Femme offer.

How long does the treatment take? A quick and easy 15 minutes from pale

princess to bronze goddess! How much does it

cost? From £15 dependant on brand of spray tan. £20 for St.Tropez.

For best results? Have application done early evening, wear dark baggy clothes and wash off excess tan the morning after. Tans that are allowed to develop over night will be smoother, richer and less prone to streaks.

Contacts? La Belle Femme,

Cheadle Village, 0161 491 4535

the product:GHD IV Blue Serenity Limited Edition Styler Where can I get it? ASOS.COM

How does it work? Rounded barrels and ceramic smooth plates create many different looks.

What makes it special? GHD the ‘Daddy’ of hair styling tools has now launched a Limited Edition collection of ‘destiny’

colours. The collection features Red Lust, Green with Envy, Purple Indulgence and Blue Serenity. What’s more each comes with a matching pouch and hard carry case – ideal for the girl on the go!

How do you use it? What puts the GHD Styler miles above the rest is its dual ability to both straighten and curl. The rounded barrels can create anything from a small flick to Hollywood curls. Slide down the hair shaft for straight locks and twist through the hair to create waves. How much does the product cost? £129 Contacts? ASOS,


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