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GREAT Lengths

With all the bad publicity surrounding hair extensions it was essential PORTER went to GREAT LENGTHS to show you the good…

It’s a beauty secret celebrities try to keep

quite, yet one of the main reasons they look so glamorous. Women walk into salons everyday and request hair like Cheryl Cole, Sienna Miller, Jessica Simpson, and no matter how fabulous your stylist is they can’t give you longer, thicker, well-behaved hair – without extensions. Hair extensions have become so popular

with celebrities it’s hard to find a star whose hair is natural, and it’s probably the ones you’re convinced are, who simply have the best extensions. Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Elle Macpherson, Megan Fox, Abbey Clancy and not forgetting Katie Price… even the L’Oréal shampoo advert featuring Cheryl Cole was recently famously criticized for ‘the few teeny tiny words in the bottom corner of the screen, which read… ‘Styled with natural hair extensions’’. Like with most things celebrities do the public eventually want in on it. With myths and even horror stories

surrounding badly applied extensions women have become fearful of finding a good brand, and stylist for that matter… so we took on the challenge for you and found both… Great Lengths is the leader in premium hair extensions using the finest 100 per cent human hair. Great Lengths work with a huge number of salons and regularly


Brand: Great Lengths Salon: Urban Retreat Manchester Stylist: Tracey Jones Price: quoted on consultation Application time: from 2 – 5 hours depending on amount of extensions applied Results: can last up to 6 months with care

create looks for celebrities and supermodels. After contacting Great Lengths to

arrange an initial consultation we were recommended stylist Tracy Jones at Urban Retreat in Harvey Nichols Manchester. Tracy has worked with a huge number of famous faces including Rachel Stevens and had only recently returned from LA where she had been styling Kelly Brook – so we knew we were in pretty safe hands. Great Lengths have around 55 different

hair colours which can be mixed to create your perfect shade. All the hair arrives pre-bonded and natural unless pre-order permed into soft waves. You can choose to take short hair long, add volume to thin hair or even create colour contrasts.

What we were most surprised about is how

natural they feel and easy they are to look after. In fact when leaving your hair to dry naturally – which prior to extensions resulted in one big frizz – now results in gorgeous ‘beach’ waves. As long as the bristles of your hairbrush are flexible you can brush your hair as normal and it won’t pull or damage the bonds. You can style – straighten, curl, pin-up – hair as you wish and even colour it, after all it’s real human hair.

Expect to pay a lot more than for a bottle of volumising shampoo but for truly great lengths it’s so worth it!


PROCESS: Step 1: The Consultation. Tracy finds out what style you hope to achieve and the amount and type of hair you desire, and therefore the most suitable application for you.

Step 2: The Order. Tracy orders your ideal hair via Great Lengths and makes a further salon appointment for your application.


PORTER’s Becky Bowyer used Great Lengths to achieve a glamorous look for her friends wedding and loved the results!

Step 3: The Application. Natural and undetectable, the heat based application system gently bonds small strands of extensions.

Step 4: The Aftercare. Tracy explains how to get the best out of your extensions and answers any questions you may have. Regular check-ups are recommended to keep your style looking its best.



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