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responded with the same advice – to heal, travel and teach – and taught her mind-body-spirit healing modalities, which she began to use with AIDS and cancer patients.

Then one night in 1986 she was watching a CBS special titled “AIDS Hits Home” when she recognized the voice of her former husband as one of the AIDS patients. At first he denied he’d been on the program, but she was tested anyway and learned the grim truth that she was one of the first women in Southern California to be infected with the HIV virus. She rejected the AZT therapy her doctor recommended and found a holistic doctor who helped her heal and encouraged her to go public.

For several years she Lund

By Glenda Winders SDUN Reporter

Sharon Lund has no fear of dying, and if she has her way about it, nobody else will either. She’s a survivor of two near-death experiences whose passion has led her to produce a DVD, “Dying to Live,” a recent winner of the Silver Lei Award at the Honolulu International Film Festival.

“Death is a subject few people feel comfortable talking about, yet it’s the one thing everyone has in common,” she said in an interview. Lund said people fear death because it represents the unknown. They anticipate pain and suffering, the lack of control, separation from loved ones or even a punishing hell. She says she knows for a fact that none of these fears has any basis.

“When you have a near- death experience, there is immense love and peace and serenity,” she said. “If you were sick, you’ll immediately be healed and you’ll be in the light of God or Infinite Spirit or Higher Power – whatever you want to call it.”

Lund is glad to be alive now, but the path that led her to this point hasn’t been an easy one. As a child, she was repeatedly raped by her grandfather. Raised Catholic, she planned to become a nun so she would not have to face the physical intimacy of relationships, but when she was told she could go to hell for missing Mass, she left the church.

She did eventually marry FROM PAGE 16 EVEOKE

art experience with Eveoke, and that’s what makes us so important,” Dunnan said. “Ante Up for Eveoke” will help fund those efforts. Starting at 5:00 p.m. on July 10, the tournament requires a $60 buy- in to play or $10 for spectators. With enough seating for 60 players, Eveoke’s goal is to raise $4,000 dollars at the event.

and had a daughter, Jeaneen, who is now 35 and working as a photographer in Los Angeles. After that marriage ended, she married again in a glamorous ceremony on the 50-yard line at the Rose Bowl, but the marriage soon soured for reasons she didn’t at that time understand and she went into a downward spiral.

Anorexic and ill to the point

where she couldn’t care for her child, she sent Jeaneen to live with her parents in Hawaii and then prepared to end her life. As she put the razor blade against her wrist, she prayed for forgiveness and said, “If there’s anything I need to know before I end this pain and suffering, let me know now.”

Lund says the bathroom immediately filled with bright

traveled around the world teaching and healing. Her work garnered her TV appearances with Oprah Winfrey and Montel Williams, as well as on CBS’ “48 Hours,” and she was invited by President Clinton to take part in the first White House AIDS conference.

But in 1995, exhausted

and burned out, she contracted pneumocystis pneumonia, a common complication of AIDS, which she battled for the next year and a half. Eventually she weighed 86 pounds and was at the point of death. This time she was aware of leaving her body and encountering two spirits who showed her scenes from her life, some of which she had forgotten. She was told she had a choice about whether to go or stay, and she decided to come back to be with her daughter. Her outlook changed yet again. “My life is no longer my

‘What I have repeatedly witnessed is that people who actually face death start to live their lives more fully.’

light. A voice told her that it wasn’t time for her to die and that she should go to a hospital for treatment and then become a healer who would teach around the world and write books. “It didn’t make any sense to me because I wasn’t doing any of those things,” she said. Nevertheless, she checked into a hospital where she says two spirits dictated notebooks full of Eastern healing methods to her. A psychic she consulted later about her life’s purpose

“We’re starting off on a small scale with five to six tables,” Marketing Director Alynn Silliman said. “We hope to grow in the future and make it an annual event.”

It’s never all about the money at Eveoke Dance Theatre. It’s about letting the community know they exist and that art is something from which everyone can benefit.

“Ideally we want to bring in

a new crowd of people,” Silliman said. “We want to expand in all areas of the organization,

own,” she said. “It is to be of service to Infinite Spirit, to serve however I’m supposed to serve.” Following instructions

she received in meditations, Lund first wrote “Sacred Living, Sacred Dying: A Guide to Embracing Life and Death” using the guidelines she had used in her teaching with AIDS patients. That was followed by “The Integrated Being: Techniques to Heal Your Mind- Body-Spirit.” Finally, she was told to produce a DVD that

whether it’s new donors, new patrons or new faces in the audience.”

Sitting behind the red

velvet rope, spectators who are too scared to bluff can enter a raffle to win a new iPod, Flip video camera or various gift certificates donated by community businesses. Eveoke Dance Theatre is at 2811 University Ave. in North Park. For more information about the theatre or the tournament, go to


San Diego Uptown News | June 25-July 8, 2010

19 Near-death experiences led Lund to produce award-winning film

would enable people who had never told their near-death stories to come forward. She and Monica Hagen, her friend and editor, sent e-mails to all their friends asking if they knew of anyone who had had similar experiences. They were astounded with the responses they received from people throughout San Diego. One was a Grossmont High School football player, another a woman who was trapped by the 2007 wildfires. The movie was filmed on location at familiar sites around the county.

Lund says people all over the world have had near-death experiences but are afraid to discuss them for fear their families will think they are crazy. Their lives are different, however, once they decide to “come back.”

“What I have repeatedly witnessed is that people who actually face death start to live their lives more fully,” she said. “They stop taking life for granted. Some people quit jobs they hate and start doing what

fulfills their hearts.” As for her, today the North

Park resident is in a 10-year committed relationship, and she just finished her doctor of divinity degree this spring. At 60, she radiates happiness and good health.

“Once you have AIDS you can’t say you don’t have it,” she said, “but I don’t have any symptoms and it’s non- detectable. I feel great.” Lund has founded Sacred Life Publishers and Productions so she can publish more books and programs on this subject, and she’s available to hold workshops and speak to groups about the subject of dying. “My desire is that people

feel comfortable talking about dying and death,” she said. “I want them to know there is no fear, only warmth, peace and love.”

The “Dying to Live” DVD and Lund’s books are available at Her new book, “There Is More: 18 Near-Death Experiences,” comes out in July.u

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