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MEI brings respected EASITRAX

Currency handling specialist brings software-hardware solution to G2E Asia


EI’s EASITRAX Soft Count is an integrated software/hardware solution that places information collected in the CASHFLOW SC bill validator

into a database that can be networked to multiple locations and be accessed to analyze slot floor performance. RFID technology is used to connect slot machine asset numbers and bill validator operational information to a specific cashbox. Accessing data has never been faster – allowing operators to base decisions on several instant reports programmed within the accompanying software:

• Acceptance rate of what is in the cashbox • Currency report documents how many bills

are in each Cashbox and the percentage of collected denominations over a period of time • Drop status manages the daily collection of the money and cashboxes • Jams reports, if they occur, identifying

potential problems • Rejection types defines one of seven

categories as to why the bill was rejected • Version report ensures each bill validator

has up-to-date software. The EASITRAX Soft Count system has been

designed to be easily retrofitted to the CASHFLOW SC bill validator. Building a comprehensive cash management solution is as simple as applying these basic components:

• Placing an antenna board to the CASHFLOW SC interface board • Applying RFID tags into the

cashbox to allow information to be transmitted • Tying EASITRAX

reader bases (up to four) into a soft count room system

that includes a USB hub and a computer • Installing software that creates a SQL

database and loads available reports. EASITRAX-enabled bill validators and

cashboxes can be ordered directly from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). MEI has also made all of these components available in retrofit package kits to simplify the ordering process. The system has been configured to be compatible with sorter/counter equipment produced by Cummins, G&D, Glory and Toshiba – further illustrating the ease in which it can be incorporated into an existing operation. EASITRAX can be implemented with minimal capital (using existing components reduces system

costs) and with the hardware each operation has specified for its

particular needs.

TransAct promoting ServerPort

G2E Asia to enjoy top-line thermal printer product Epic 950

RANSACT Technologies continues to provide innovative market driven solutions for the gaming industry with the ServerPort product. This modular product provides a seamless

upgrade opportunity for existing Epic 950 ticket printer users. You can easily upgrade the existing games on your casino floor by adding the ServerPort device to your current Epic 950s. The addition of ServerPort will expand your current printing capability to drive the printing of promotional offers and coupons at the slot machine. Typically, players line up at the players club

desk to receive their promotions. Epic 950 and ServerPort let you drive those players to the slot machines instead for their rewards. Right at the slots you can promote player loyalty AND target promotions to your most valuable players. Imagine the advantage of being able to

market targeted promotions to the player while they are still at the slot machine. In the past, marketing communication with a casino’s best players was limited to mailers and card base systems. Players would accrue points or be

40 JUNE 2010

offered other incentives that would need to be looked up at the players club desk to know what they’ve earned and when they could use it. Now imagine receiving a Coupon from the gaming machine that could be redeemed during that visit to extend the players stay or at an operator defined date to bring the player back depending on the promotion being offered. The advent of ServerPort

exemplifies TRANSACT’s dedication to understanding customer needs and to providing the latest in technology to casino operators. ServerPort provides a clear upgrade path to the casino operator demanded delivery of promotions and coupons to the slot machine. ServerPort upgrades existing

Epic 950 printers and turns them into even smarter printers that allow operators to monitor printer events, configure the printer for special functions, and print promotional offers at the gaming machine. Another ServerPort advantage is the ability to update the printer’s firmware either remotely at a schedule time or at the game automatically if the printer were swapped out with one that had an

incompatible or unapproved firmware version. You want

players on your slots - not players in line. With loyalty

promotions printed on the spot, at the slot, you keep your

players playing. Are you ready for real-time

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