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them now about some other games we would like to bring in. You can now configure your floor depending on

your needs and on the demands of your customers. Terminal-based wagering allows that freedom, that fluidity.

CI: How difficult was it in terms of training staff

to use the tables?

MP: We have a strategy here with new things… We

try a lot of new stuff here. Often properties at our level don’t have an innovations team – we have a dedicated department for finding the newest and best things out there for our business and trying to bring them here. Also, we have some great staff who like trying this kind of thing, and they provide us with a lot of the feedback to help us enhance these products. It’s not like we tell them they’re going out to deal

this game and that’s that; our staff want to participate in whatever we bring in and we do our best to make it successful. If it fails it’s not because we didn’t try or didn’t market it, or have the right people on the game to try and sell it. So the staff we have are very receptive, open and usually eager to try new things to see if it works.

CI: And their feedback has been positive,

presumably, partly thanks to the removal of human error from the game… They can get down to engaging the customers.

MP: Basically, yes. You can still press the wrong

button, there are a couple of things that could go wrong, but it’s removed pay-take errors. Just taking the rating and the paperwork out of the floor supervisor’s hands… they want to work that section [with the i-Tables in] now!

CI: Is there a big difference in the number of

games per hour?

MP: Just eliminating the pay-take

process you’re getting more decisions per hour right away. The downside of that as such is that you have to measure that. We try to control the customer experience here, we don’t want to go so fast that we over-run our customers or take their money too quickly, or don’t give them time to enjoy themselves. But it is not unusual to get a 20 per cent increase in decisions per hour on an i-Table. We put a lot of effort, a lot of labour into the customer experience.

CI: Can you foresee a point at which

a significant percentage of your tables are i-Tables?

MP: I really can. Electronic wagering is

in its infancy in the US; we also have the Rapid Roulette and Rapid Baccarat here, and our Baccarat is the hybrid version that is doing quite well. We see a future in

APRIL 2010 29

CI: Are there any negatives for

this table?

MP: The only one that I can think

of is the tactile feel of the game; all you have to do is replace that drawback for the customer with something exciting and new, and then you don’t really have any drawbacks. Okay, so you play the i- Table with real cards but there’s no chip stacks – what if in future you could have a hologram of a chip stack, for example? Right now the player moves chips to the betting position using touchscreen; so you replace some of those current feelings with new ones, throw in the odds bet or a progressive, bonussing, you’ve overcome any perceived detriment that the move to electronic wagering might have caused for the player.

CI: How long is the trial for?

MP: I’ve had them in for about two months now,

but that’s a relative term – we’re already working on bringing more items in, this is a long-term process for me. You can say they’ve already passed the trial period, they’re up, functioning and working well, and we’ve already made enhancements to them, and we’ll continue to enhance them to make them an even more viable product.

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