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China is now the leading
solar cell producer
A new report has noted that China is the supported solar cell and PV industry can
world’s leading solar cell producer and work and be efficiently integrated within a
will place ground PV stations at the centre country.
of further development. China is now the
largest solar cell module producer in the Developments in China which pushed it where the PV products are mainly used in
world and the Golden Sun policy, issued into the position of world leader include the household and construction industry,
in July 2009, resulted in photovoltaic (PV) the commencement of a one gigawatt China will make the ground PV station as
demand of 640 megawatts, according to project and it is estimated that by 2020, the backbone in the development of PV
a new report. the accumulated installation capacity of industry,” the report summary stated.
China’s PV industry will reach 20
Issue I 2010
The 2010 Deep Research Report on gigawatts. A previous IMS Research study noted that
China Solar Power System by Research the PV market “grew substantially” last
and Markets noted that a government- “Unlike Europe and the United States, year.
Suntech Selects
expected expansion of the U.S. solar
market in the coming years. The U.S.
Arizona for
market had 356MW of solar PV capacity
installed during 2008 (source: Photon
First U.S.
Magazine, Nov. 2009), and is expected to
grow six-fold to more than 2GW by 2012
(source: Solarbuzz LLC, Mar. 2009).
"Bringing manufacturing jobs to the U.S.
is part of Suntech's vision to grow the
solar market in every corner of the world,"
Suntech Power Holdings has announced said Suntech's Chairman and CEO Dr.
that its first U.S. manufacturing plant for Zhengrong Shi. "We are eagerly watching
the growing North American market growing markets and see the potential of
would be located in the Greater Phoenix, bringing manufacturing capabilities to Appropriate Energy Laboratory at the
Arizona area. The plant will have an initial other markets where we see the University of California, Berkeley.
production capacity of 30 megawatts combination of rapid local market growth
(MW) and is expected to begin production and manufacturing cost competitiveness." Dr. Shi continued, "This is the first step in
in the third quarter of 2010. what I see as a long-term, strategic
Locating the plant close to Suntech's U.S. investment in the North American market.
The announcement makes Suntech the customers will reduce the time, costs, and Over the last two years we have grown
first Chinese cleantech leader to bring emissions associated with long-distance our U.S. team to over 60 employees.
manufacturing jobs to America. Suntech shipping of Suntech panels. The plant, As a result of that effort, we have
selected the Greater Phoenix area for its which will be approximately 80,000 to developed a network of over 200 solar
plant because of Arizona's leadership in 100,000 square feet, will allow for long- dealers and integrators installing Suntech
research through Arizona State University, term growth of manufacturing capabilities products and are actively involved with
and statewide renewable energy policies, to meet increasing American demand for a number of large-scale solar project
particularly its Renewable Energy solar power. developers serving the utility market.
Standard and distributed generation set- We also have developed strong
aside, as well as a supportive local "Suntech has been a leader to watch for partnerships with U.S. companies such as
business climate represented by the some time, and its decision to bring MEMC of Pasadena, Texas, our largest
Greater Phoenix Economic Council. manufacturing here to the U.S. is a great supplier of silicon wafers used in our
sign of the increasingly important modules. The leadership shown by the
The Suntech U.S. plant will employ over collaboration between Chinese and US government in advancing renewable
75 full-time employees at launch and may American leaders in the renewable energy energy will only improve the environment
double its staff within the year as the industry, as well as the potential for for further investments in the coming
North American market develops. growth of green jobs in countries that years."
implement smart, supportive policies,"
Initially starting with 30 MW of PV module said Dan Kammen, Professor in the Suntech plans to make a final decision on
production capacity, the Suntech plant is Energy and Resources Group and the specific location of the plant in the
configured for growth to respond to the Director of the Renewable and coming weeks.
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