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Office Horizons
Applying Advanced Workplace
Design and Strategy to Save
Costs and Increase Efficiency
Workplace solutions and property “There is a perception that workplace Andrew Mawson, AWA’s Managing
services expert Carillion Workplace changes are difficult and expensive to Director said: “Advanced working and
Solutions (CWS) is working in partnership implement,” commented David Sterry, workplaces are the future. From being
with Europe’s leading workplace transition Director of CWS. “It is however possible something which used to be a bit ‘unusual
specialists Advanced Workplace to bring about a smooth transition by and novel’ we’re seeing it become an
Associates (AWA) to help businesses gaining support at senior levels, helping accepted next evolution in office efficiency,
implement effective workplace staff get used to the change and by fuelled by ‘virtual’ IT, cost pressure, a
development without the associated adapting existing policies, technologies and global drive towards sustainability and the
disturbance to normal operations. furniture. It doesn’t take a wholesale recognition that these practices have now
The partnership is demonstrating to the change.” been adopted on a grand scale very
building and facilities management world The working partnership with AWA has successfully within some very large
that with careful planning and execution, proven to complement existing services organisations. Our recent projects alone
businesses can both drive down costs and offered by CWS (part of Carillion plc), have brought Advanced Working to many
improve workplace performance. combining Carillion’s strong design, project thousands of staff in some of the UK’s
The current climate paints a challenging management and operational experience leading organisations, none of whom
picture for UK businesses for the with AWA’s reputable ability to deliver would now go back to the old world of
foreseeable future with an enhanced need programmes of research, analysis of client work.”
to make best use of accommodation. AWA portfolios and execute change “Organisations need to be more
and Carillion provide an innovative and programmes that enable a smooth efficient with their space but not at the
comprehensive workplace transition transition in the way people work. The expense of destroying professional
service, reducing client costs and partnership enables CWS to offer a productivity. The essence of applying
increasing efficiency and productivity in the complete, integrated approach to customer Advanced Working is to take these people
workplace by focussing on areas such as needs when developing workplace with you,” Mawson concluded.
use of space, furniture, technologies and strategies and managing them over the life
practices. of their operational contracts.
UK’s first carbon Sharp raises the bar
neutral file folder for compact A4
Cave Tab Ltd is helping UK organisations meet their
environmental targets and commitments with the launch of multifunction systems
tabZEROfile, the UK’s first carbon neutral file folder.
Whilst many of today’s office products are manufactured using Sharp launches a new, super-compact black &
recycled materials, tabZEROfile is the only completely carbon white A4 MFP. The MX-B381 incorporates high
neutral file folder currently on the market. By taking a holistic view performance features and superior versatility
of the product manufacturing lifecycle – including packaging, from Sharp’s popular range of A3 MFPs,
transportation and disposal – Cave Tab has developed a 100% making it ideal for all routine office work.
recycled, acid free product with recyclable and reusable IT managers can consolidate disparate printers
packaging. more effectively using the MX-B381’s next
And whilst it is impossible to manufacture products without generation multi-tasking MFP controller
generating CO
, Cave Tab has partnered with US-based technology – similarly deployed in Sharp’s high
Zerofootprint Group to calculate and offset these emissions by end MFPs, which provides a uniform user
contributing to the Garcia River Forest in Northern California, experience across the range; ensuring
California’s first large nonprofit-owned working forest. The forest consistency and enhancing productivity across
is primarily planted with redwoods which store more carbon per the workgroup.
acre than any other forest type. Sustainable management of the The 38 pages-per-minute MX-B381 also features Sharp’s
Garcia River Forest enables the storage of more than 77,000 tons contemporary new look – a stylish grained exterior with attractive
of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to taking more than curves and chrome accents.
14,000 cars off the road every year. The MX-B381 prints and copies at full speed – even at the
tabZEROfile is part of Cave Tab’s maximum 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and has been designed to
comprehensive range of filing deliver maximum performance to the workgroup in the smallest
systems, supplies and services from possible footprint. It even comes with a space-saving inner
folders and pockets to high density, finisher to keep the total footprint as small as possible – a real
colour coded storage systems and bonus for crowded offices.
sophisticated electronic document Sharp has gone to great lengths to ensure ease of use and
management software. maximum productivity from the MX-B381 by offering various timesaving features and functions that are instantly and intuitively
Tel: 01604 798521. available to the user.
Building & Facilities Management – November 2009 feature :: office horizons 7
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