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Ropemaker first in UK to
recycle cooling tower water
Ropemaker is the first ever commercial “Cooling towers operate by evaporation
building in the UK to directly recycle and therefore require a bleed-off drain to
cooling tower water, made possible control the build up of mineral salts in the
through the use of ozone treatment. cooling tower basin. It is this bleed off that
Ropemaker aims to be one of the most can be recycled for re-use, either for
sustainable buildings ever developed in toilets, wash-down of yard areas or run to
London. Designed by Arup Associates, it is surface drainage. Because the rate of
on target to achieve 15% lower predicted bleed-off can be calculated and determined
carbon emissions than set out in the in the design of the plant this provides a
Building Regulations and has an ‘Excellent’ consistent and reliable source of water for
BREEAM rating. recycling in this way. In comparison the
As part of the sustainability measures, availability of harvested rainwater is both
Waste Management & Recycling
Ropemaker will be harvesting rainwater to unpredictable and intermittent.
reduce their mains water requirements but “With chemically treated cooling
will also be re-using water from ozone towers, the water contains chemicals and
treated cooling towers to provide enough biocides, some of which can cause skin
grey water for the flushing of toilets irritation and possible staining of sanitary
throughout the 586,000 square feet of ware and fittings, making it unsuitable for
office space. the use of toilet flushing.
It is expected that, as well as providing “Whilst it is possible to re-process result the bleed-off water is ideally suited
a larger and more predictable water supply chemically treated wastewater using for recycling or re-use as grey water
than rainwater, the cooling tower re-use Reverse Osmosis (RO), the capital and without the need for any additional pre-
will save approximately 12,000 cubic operating costs of the plant and additional treatment. In the Ropemaker application it
metres of water and £20,160 per year. maintenance caused by chemical use is possible to recycle 100% of the cooling
The technology was developed and remain less attractive with only 75% of the tower bleed-off and we expect the
installed by water treatment experts water able to be recycled. investment recovery period to be less than
Waterwise who worked closely with Arup “The use of ozone for biological control two years.”
throughout the design process. in cooling towers however, eliminates the Visit or call
Jon Fielder of Waterwise comments: need to use any chemical biocides. As a 01844 215570.
New service Underground solution
contract options to waste collection
Orwak, the UK’s leading supplier of Litter bins over-flowing with unsightly waste are unwelcome
waste balers and compactors, has launched and unhygienic – and they need constant attention. Otto’s
its new service contract options for the Underground Waste System (UWS) tackles the aesthetic
servicing and maintenance of waste problems as well as the need to improve waste streams
handling equipment. segregation.
These flexible contracts offer a range of Access to the underground storage is via neat surface
options, in order to extend the life of a receptacles and as underground temperatures tend to be lower
variety of waste equipment. Designed to prevent costly and than those in surface containers, odour levels are reduced.
disruptive breakdowns, these contracts cover all types of waste Typically, a UWS may hold the
equipment including balers, both vertical and horizontal, equivalent of between 15-20 240
compactors, both bin and bag, shredders, and also non-Orwak litre wheeled bins, so there’s an
equipment. environmental advantage in
Martin Hewitt, Commercial Director for Orwak says, “We’re vehicles making fewer
pleased to be introducing this new service to our customers and collections.
indeed anyone that has waste equipment on site. We’re The contents of a UWS can
confident that our nationwide service, coupled with an be collected in about two
experienced and qualified team, will enable us to keep their minutes by a vehicle with a
machinery in working order, therefore saving money.” single operator. The collection
Each service contract option also includes approved and vehicle, with crane and receiving
certified hydraulics and electrical testing, 24 hour breakdown hopper, stops by the UWS and the driver uses a remote control to
response and a full audit trail. Servicing and maintenance is guide the crane to the hooks on the UWS.
undertaken by a nationwide team of fully qualified service The UWS is positioned over the vehicle before releasing its
engineers, with many years experience servicing a vast range of contents. Whilst the UWS is being removed a counter-balanced
equipment. base-plate or mechanical folding floor rises to fill the hole.
To find out more or to book a free consultation and It is possible to use standard 4-wheel bins, located on a
assessment of your equipment, contact Orwak on hydraulic platform which rises to surface level and can then be
0121 565 7426 or by email at collected by standard 4-wheel bin lifts. The surface configuration remains the same, offering a wide choice for mixed or segregated
18 feature :: waste management & recycling Building & Facilities Management – November 2009
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