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EU funds national park
‘We have some areas that are
CDWS attends EUF
closed as these are nesting
turtle areas. if a snorkel or dive
the head of the CDWs
sinai protectorates national park
boat with a sensor device enters
technical committee Zeyad
hopes its new state-of-the-art
these areas, it sets off an alarm,’
Bassel joined an international
boat tracking system will help to
explained Waleed Hassan, a
more closely monitor activities in
leading marine biologist at the
delegation of diving industry
the ras mohammed area and the
south sinai protectorates office.
representatives to develop
impact they have on marine life
‘We are building a database on
new standards for dive and
habitats. the national park’s eu-
how many boats go to particular
snorkel training. at a european
‘the two sets of standards
funded computer system allows
dive sites, with this information
underwater Federation (euF)
for snorkel guide training
the national park authorities to
we may make the decision to rest
meeting held in Denmark
programmes and for the
instantly see the identity and
the area for a while.’
in June 2009, delegates
snorkeling service provision
discussed the changes and
movements of boats within the
were proposed by CDWs
it is expected that information for
implementation of a number
area and has an alarm to warn of
and they were discussed and
search and rescues and violations
of new and updated iso
zoning violations.
analyzed extensively during
would also be provided by the
the meetings of the technical
a proposal to legally make
tracking system.
CDWs was instrumental in
committee,’ said Zeyad Bassel.
all boats used for diving and
the national park headquarters
submitting the final proposal
‘they are expected to be
snorkelling in the area carry a
has also seen the delivery of
for the iso standards for
published during the second
transmitter has been put forward
a new weather station, which
snorkelling guides training
half of 2010.’
to government ministers. the
provides extremely accurate
and the iso standards for
national park said the small
it was also announced at the
localised weather and water
snorkelling service provision.
device, which costs from 50
meeting that the standard isos
condition information. another
Both standards are required to
euros, transmits location details
for enriched air nitrox (ean)
eu-funded computer, the weather
be implemented in egypt as
to the main database. if it is
training and introductory dives
station will assist scientists in
well as in the rest of the euF
disconnected a warning alarm
were ready to be applied, both
accurately monitoring the marine
is sent to park headquarters in
of which CDWs participated in
Hadaba, sharm el sheikh.
Caverns open to Marsa Alam
a team of technical divers in marsa alam has
explored and permanently lined 10m of
underwater caverns which are now open to
visiting divers. local guides had reported for
many years that there were caverns in the
ghalib area where a few experienced divers
had explored.
Divers from emperor Divers’ technical
wing, tekstreme, spent long dives this
year researching and mapping the cavern
systems. up to 10m of cavern has been
permanently lined, although there are a
number of networks still to be done by the
aaron Bruce of tekstreme, said: ‘these
caverns are beautiful and are a unique
feature for the ghalib area, but divers need
to be very well trained to enter them and
enjoy part of the red sea only seen by a
handful of divers.’
one of the sites has been named after
emperor dive guide mo who was the first
in the team to locate the caverns and begin
the process of mapping. mo’s Cavern (also a
homage to mo’s tavern in the simpons tV
series) is among many of the sites which will
now be open to paDi cavern diving students.
issue 2 august / september 2009
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