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Charlotte Boan
mary gleeson
Letter from the Chairman...
Dear readers
owen Bruce, Dr anke Fabian, Chris gooda, maria munn, alex
i would like to thank all those volunteers, dive centres and individuals,
who donated their time and effort the ras mohammed clean-up in July
mustard, John kean, Brendan o’Brien, simon rogerson,
(see the full report on page 12).
CDWs has been working closely with environmental organisations such
as the national parks of egypt on projects to help to protect our marine
environment. such high-profile events as the ras mohammed clean-up
Published by:
help to highlight the damage done by the fishing industry to the reefs.
Chamber of Diving and Watersports (egypt)
it is not only the environment which is threatened by damaging fishing
techniques, but also the diving industry and beach tourism. For enquiries call 00 20 12 09 8576
illegal fishing in the red sea is an issue i have always been passionate
about and something in my time as CDWs chairman i want to push
as much as possible to combat. in December 2008, CDWs hosted the
first ever conference to tackle illegal fishing, attended by the governor
of south sinai, the minister of tourism, the minister of agriculture,
the head of the egyptian Fisheries agency the Deputy minister
of the environment, the head of south sinai parks, HepCa, ssDm,
representatives of the Fisherman association and the head of the
Alex Mustard
oceanographic institute. this represented the first time these people
multi award-
were gathered in the same room to discuss this major issue. a second
winning underwater
meeting was held in Hurghada in may this year organised by HepCa
photographer alex
and attended once again by all of these representatives.
mustard has been
fascinated with the
the July clean-up armed us with even more documented evidence ocean since a very young
and raised awareness to help us fight against this threat. there are age. He took his first
many more such clean-ups planned for the future throughout egypt, underwater photographs
organised and supported by CDWs, as well as other schemes to
at the age of nine and
improve safety throughout the industry. all of this work is heavily reliant
at 11-years-old decided
on your contribution as volunteers.
he was going to go to
university to get a phD in marine biology. the 4-year-old marine
We will continue to inform you of such projects and how each of you
biologist travels the world using his knowledge of the sea to capture
can help. in Dahab in august, to make the lagoon area safe as a diver
unique animal behaviour on camera. one of the places he has
training site, we are working with CDWs members to install and secure
returned every year for more than a decade is the ras mohammed
safety buoys and lines. this is all part of CDWs’ commitment to continue
to help improve the standards of safety and raise the level of quality of
national park. He has taken many stunning shots here, including
service within the industry.
an image that won him a British Wildlife photographer award and a
meeting with the Queen. read about his special relationship with
looking at recent CDWs achievements, 91 per cent of diving operators
ras mohammed on page 2
have now succeeded in complying with euF standards. it is only the
beginning and we will continue to monitor that standards are being
maintained via a system of spot checks and the annual auditing
Dr Anke Fabian
Health matters columnist Dr anke
Fabian, 46, explores the issues and
Funded pilot training schemes of boat skippers and the fully-subsidised dangers of dehydration as the hottest
snorkel guide courses this year have also been very successful. We are part of summer arrives here in egypt
now looking at further courses for egyptian workers in other areas, (see page 0). a Diving and hyperbaric
including tank boys and drivers. the plan will be presented to the
medicine specialist for more than ten
minister of tourism for approval in september 2009 for implementation
years and herself a paDi Divemaster,
in 2010 and 2011.
Dr anke is highly respected in her
field. she currently works as a doctor
We continue to strive to make the watersports and diving industry in
for Deco international, an egyptian/
the red sea one of the safest and most environmentally active. many
german company specialising in
thanks for your support.
medical emergencies in egypt. Founded in november 1998 in el
Hesham gabr
gouna, Deco international has set up three additional chambers in
Chairman of the Chamber of Diving and Watersports
safaga, marsa alam and Dahab ( the
busy mother-of-two regularly travels between germany and egypt
and also regularly writes articles for the german diving press.
issue 2 august / september 2009
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