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Destination: NUWEIBA
image: red sea Waterworld
nUWeibA: DeserteD trAnqUility
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diving centres in nuweiba
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xpansive fine-sand beaches peppered with from 5m to depths of 12m and 20m. placed in the
Bedouin beach tourist camps; nuweiba offers waters in the 1970s, the pipes are covered in a healthy
something completely different from most other crust of hard and soft corals and are a haven for
egyptian sinai peninsula diving resorts. situated just frogfish and shrimps. you will find fish galore around
70km south of taba and150km north of sharm el the pipes, particularly at the small coral pinnacles to
sheikh, nuweiba has few tourists’ shops and bazaars the north in depths of around 15m to 20m.
and much like the typical visitor here, prefers the
quieter, understated approach. if you prefer to stay close to your resort, enjoy diving
with small critters and have a camera, then the house
the town, which lies on a flood plain measuring reefs are where you may prefer to spend most of your
about 40km2, was built in 1971 in an area inhabited time.
by two different Bedouin tribes: the tarabin in the
north and the maizena in the south. From the Coral Hilton, you will find the fabulous
abou lou lou house reef, a favourite with many top
its main port sees many thousands of people and underwater photographers. swimming over the
vehicles making the short 90-minute trip across
©etudes et Cartographie, lille
seagrass to the start of the reef, you are likely to spot
the gulf of aqaba to Jordan. For tourists, there are two main areas ghost pipefish, moray eels and crocodile snake eels. at the reef itself
from which to choose to stay. Between the main town and port you are met by a vast array of life, including frogfish, glassfish, coral
there is a strip along the beachfront where you will find modern groupers, octopus and moray eels. in the sandy areas, look out for
hotel complexes, such as the Hilton nuweiba Coral resort and the night stargazers and passing sharks. the whole area is covered in
swiss Care nuweiba resort Hotel. Further north towards taba, there lionfish. at night you will find many of them stalking your torchlight to
are many Bedouin-styled and owned camps along the vast beaches catch prey.
where guests can stay at a very cheap rate in beach huts and basic
rooms. most of which are comfortable and have air conditioning. the sinkers site is where a mooring buoy was dropped into water
too deep to make it of any use. this mistake, however, has created
the diving here is all accessed by shore by either jeep or camel. much a fantastic dive, starting at the end of the soft coral encrusted
like its neighbouring towns of Dahab and taba, there is little in the chain at 5m. slowly circling the chain, you will eventually reach
way of current here, so you are unlikely to encounter much in the the suspended buoy at a depth of around 10m. a great subject for
way of big animals. nevertheless, there is a lot of variety in the diving underwater photography, you will find glassfish all around the buoy
sites accessible here and the stunning abu glaum national park is an and damselfish and fusiliers swimming in and around the chain.
underwater area not-to-be-missed. ras mamlach is an hour jeep ride
away and is the classic site in the national park. the beautiful coral
Getting there: the simplest way to get to nuweiba is to fly to
garden reef begins at around 12m, sloping gently to a sheer wall,
the southern sinai resort of sharm el sheikh and be transferred by
which drops to depths of around 70m. the reef wall is encrusted in
road 150km. the transfer takes between two to three hours. taxis
hard and soft coral and the deeper water here often attracts schools of
can be arranged through the dive centre at a cost of approximately
jacks, barracuda and grouper.
50le (egyptian pounds) each way. alternatively the tour operator
can arrange the transfers if you opt for a holiday package with
a more unusual site is the mFo (multi-national Force and observers)
accommodation, flights and diving included.
pipeline. two sunken pipelines run parallel 5m apart and descend
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