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Surf’s Up
Kitesurfing is the new kid on the block hard work in the beginning, kitesurfing will Kitesurfing: kitesurfers have reached similar
as far as the windsurfing fraternity is have you buzzing and jumping in very little speeds, some even reporting to have pushed
concerned, with the competition between time compared to windsurfing. What can take the 50 knot barrier. But add to this the chance
the two camps now very much akin to that a matter of weeks to master in kitesurfing to jump as high as 10m in the air and hang
between skiers and snowboarders. and as can take years to master in windsurfing. But there for many seconds, then your heart is in
snowboarding edged passed skiing on the if you want to get your thrills in the first day, for a massive dose of adrenaline.
slopes for beginners, kitesurfing it seems windsurfing may be more your thing. verdict: two words: air jumping. no contest.
is breezing ahead of windsurfing in the up-
take rate.
Windsurfing: Freestyle, carved jibes, Windsurfing: Full body, more work on the
But is the choice about ease, adrenaline,
jumping , wave-riding , front looping, double- arms and upper body used to control the sail
cost or simply kudos? Blue puts the two
forward loops, pushing loops, there are many and adjust its angle. When learning, however,
major watersports head-to-head.
windsurfing tricks to be learned. mastering you only need a breeze to learn the basics, so
these tricks, however, takes a lot of time and less strength is needed.
dedication. Kitesurfing: Full body, but more work on the
Windsurfing: the basics of windsurfing take
Kitesurfing: speed , freesyle kite loops and legs, spine, lower back and core to control the
very little time to master. Following a few
un-hooked tricks, but the coolest has to be speed and direction of the board.
pointers from an instructor, you are straight
the mighty jumps in the air. you tube search verdict: Both work the core strength of the
on the board and likely to be up and running
kitesurfing tricks for a taster. body, although windsurfing has the edge as
on the first day. However, it takes a long
verdict: a controversial call, but flying many far as upper body strength goes.
time to master more advanced moves and
metres up in the air and twisting 60 degrees
improve your technique.
on the power of a kite is tough one to beat.
Kitesurfing: it is highly unlikely you will be
totally cool dude!
Windsurfing: Consistently moving up and
able to kitesurf in one day. on most courses,
down wind (tacking and jibing) demands a
you will spend the first day mastering the kite
ADRENALINE BUzz reasonable level of fitness. add strong winds
on land, next day in the water, then the third
Windsurfing: once you’ve learned to ‘plane’ and your body is likely to get a very good
day you combine both board and kite skills
on top of the surface of the water, it’s possible workout.
in the water. But once you master the basics,
to reach whopping speeds - the fastest record Kitesurfing: learning to fly a large power
the learning curve in kitesurfing is very quick
held being a jaw-wrenching 49knots. once kite without a harness can test your fitness
and with the right training, you will be able to
you learn loops and riding or jumping the levels, however, once you are up and running
learn your first jump in a matter of weeks.
waves, the adrenaline will surely be pumping on the board, your harness takes most of the
verdict: if you’re happy to commit a bit of
big time. strain. the exertion level really does depend
issue 2 august / september 2009
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